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Technology innovation: let touch screen touch we is not just a dream

by:Toponetech     2020-07-25
In 2009, apple filed for a patent, called 'localization' tactile feedback device is simple, is to increase the touch screen feedback function, to more accurately simulate the simple sense of objects. The patent number to No. 8378797. The patent publicly in 2013. Based on the description, this system can be a single point on the screen vibrates feedback, bring more real feel of input. This is just a step of tactile feedback. The system also includes a series of more sophisticated technology, can faster to generate real-time localization of tactile feedback. When the slide up and down or so, for example, can use a regular electrical activation stitch ( 销) And then simulation object shape and texture. These subtle movement has been through some existing technical implementation, such as actuator technology, shape memory alloys, pneumatic devices, microelectronic mechanical system ( MEMS) And the piezoelectric element. In addition, according to the mobile phone application scenarios, which can be covered a layer of elastic film on pins, make them feel more smooth, can add on the flat surface, such as smart phone touch screen, can also be embedded in the rolling plant of finger scan. In addition to the apples, some companies such as Microsoft and TeslaTouch are also developing tactile feedback technology, even for the engineering prototype. Some technical scheme can simulate more subtle touch, such as through controllable release of weak current, electrode stimulate nerve to produce sense of touch. Some companies, including apple, constantly trying to touch feedback technology, is not a whim. We use the Internet for communication, we can hear the voice of each other, see each other's face, but face the friends feel dejected at the other end, it is difficult for us to go to the actual comfort, we can't hand wipe the tears on her face, also can't forcibly hold her hands or hold her on the shoulder. You can online consulting psychological doctor, but you can not directly from her eyes to feel your story brought her touch. At that moment, a virtual world always tried all communication tactics seem so pale. Then you will realize deeply, the current network communication tools information capacity is limited, but some things are hard to communicate with the network. The convenience of the Internet and electronic equipment since needless to say, but we sacrifice is so people face-to-face communication interaction, and is one of the changes in temperature. Over time, we lost the original perception and touch the real world, started to become sluggish numb. Johns Hopkins university school of medicine, David J. Dr Linden article has analyzed the network in the world increasingly scarce physical contact, including eye contact, body language, etc. The physical contact is an important social lubricant, even subconsciously physical contact is no exception. It can sustain team harmony and intimacy, gratitude and sympathy and confidence. Have data to show that if the restaurant waiter and diners have courtesy of physical contact, he/she tends to get higher rates of tip. Doctor when visits some relief action can reduce the patient's psychological pressure, treatment effect will be better. Even if the salesman in the service process and the customer's arm had brief contact slightly, his/her performance also can have certain ascend. Cyberspace lost not only the contact between people, it is the experience of shopping also has a great change. Sociologists study shows that the tactility of certain commodities for purchasing behavior of the influence is quite big, especially human body direct contact with items, such as shoes, clothes, bed sheets, cosmetics. The role of the touch is not limited to the above these goods. According to market research firm millward brown ( Millward Brown) The survey showed that 30% of consumers said mobile phone tactility is more important than she would have to look. Online shopping is the norm, even some people after a period of time no online shopping will feel the life like lack of something. Shopping goods, clothing in direct contact with human body which also occupied large proportion. But perhaps, people will increasingly want to be able to touch the clothes before buying, experience how it feels, and not just with thin words or is not the real pictures to bet on a pair of, hold not to return the psychological. In the moment, the sense of touch simulation technology has not been large-scale USES, but demand we have reason to believe that we will push forward the technology in a day. Professor of Stanford university, Allison than and his research team is developing a haptic device simulation, can be used to simulate the texture and shape of objects, also can according to user's movement to make the corresponding force feedback and deformation, simulate the weight of the object. The equipment in the initial stage is mainly used in the field of robot operation, so that the surgeon can perceive a scalpel terminal access to the organization. In fact in addition to the medical field, the technology also has a wide application prospect. Soon after, may be the iPhone 12, may also be a samsung Galaxy 10 will provide tactile feedback functions, you touch the screen so that a pair of shoes, feel its texture and feel. Continue to spread your imagination, mobile phone can also send instructions, control dynamic tactility generating device embedded in the clothes, let you can 'try on' clothes. This is a new technology, to touch to touch screen we are not just a dream.
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