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Teaching touch all-in-one maintenance method

by:Toponetech     2020-06-15
How to make teaching touch all-in-one service life can be more long, so you need to master good its maintenance methods, the following crown teck professionals is to introduce the correct method of teaching touch all-in-one maintenance:. First, keep clean. 1, keep the surface clean, regular cleaning the dust around the edge of the touch screen glass and glass. 2, if the surface dust, dirt, should be clean, wipe the close teaching touch all-in-one PC power supply. 3, clean teaching touch all-in-one PC screen, please unplug the power cord, should first ensure the power of the advertising machine, with a clean soft cloth to wipe gently without thread. 4, in the process of cleaning, do not use spray directly on the screen. Don't use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the teaching touch all-in-one PC screen surface, such as industrial alcohol. Second, the use environment. 1, appropriate to the environment, the use of teaching touch all-in-one PC is best used in indoor. 2, don't put the product in the rain, the sun exposure, so as not to affect the normal use of the product. 3, teaching the use of touch all-in-one environment should try to avoid the illuminate of strong light, in order to ensure the LCD display resolution. Third, to avoid damage. 1, don't with gold attribute objects in daily use banging on the touch screen. 2, in the use of teaching touch all-in-one, should avoid the collision between the product and scratch on the surface of the product.
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