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Teach you how to calculate the grayscale of wireless led display

by:Toponetech     2021-04-26
Abstract: There is an important parameter in the LED display industry: grayscale, that is, the brightness of the LED screen. There is an important parameter in the LED display industry: grayscale, that is, the brightness of the LED screen. Gray level is also called midtone. It is mainly used to transmit images, pictures, and videos. There are three methods of 16, 32, and 64 levels respectively. It uses matrix processing to process the pixels of the file into 16, 32, and 64. Hierarchical levels to make the transmitted pictures clearer. Regardless of whether it is a full-color screen or a two-color screen, to display images or animations, it is necessary to adjust the luminous gray level of each LED constituting the pixel. The fineness of the adjustment is what we usually call the gray level. The brightness calculation method of the display screen: Take a full-color screen as an example. Usually the white balance ratio of red, green and blue is 3:6:1. Red LED light brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷number of dots/M2×0.3 (white balance configuration) Ratio of 30%) ÷ 2 Green LED light brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷points/M2×0.6 (white balance ratio accounts for 60%) Blue LED light brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷points/M2× 0.1 (white balance ratio accounts for 10%) (1) Know the brightness of the whole screen and calculate the brightness of a single tube. For example: 2500 dot density per square meter, 2R1G1B, the brightness requirement per square meter is 5000cd/m2, then: Red LED light brightness: 5000÷2500×0.3÷2u003d0.3cdu003d300mcd Green LED light brightness: 5000÷2500×0.6 u003d1.2cdu003d1200mcd The brightness of the blue LED lamp is: 5000÷2500×0.1u003d0.2cdu003d200mcd The brightness of each pixel is: 0.3×2+1.2+0.2u003d2.0cdu003d2000mcd (2) Know the brightness of a single tube Brightness of the whole screen. For example: Take P31.25, Nichia tube as an example. The main die specifications of the HSM display screen are red and green HSM-PH-A+ (Nichia) 180-440mcd1020-2400mcd because the white balance matches the brightness ratio red: green: blue u003d 3:6:1; and the white balance ratio is green The brightness of the tube is allocated to other tubes. So as follows: From red: green u003d 3:6, the brightness of the green tube is twice that of the red tube, that is, the brightness of the red tube is: 2400 (blue) ÷ 2 u003d 1200mcd and because of the four tubes of red, green and blue, red There are two tubes, so the brightness of a single red tube is: 1200÷2u003d600mcd. From green: blue u003d 6:1, the brightness of the green tube is 6 times that of the blue tube, that is, the brightness of the blue tube is: 2400 (blue) ÷ 6 u003d 400mcd, 1 luminous pixel u003d 2 red tube + 1 green tube + 1 Blue tube; that is, the brightness of a pixelu003d600(red)×2+2400(green)+400(blue)u003d3400mcdu003d3.4cd Number)u003d3.4cd×1024 (number of pixels)u003d3482cd. Calculated with a light loss of 20%, the actual luminous brightness should be: 2785.28cd. 【Dual-color LED display】【Outdoor touch display】
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