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Talking about the future direction of LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-04-23
From single and double color to full-color display, from cabinet screen to transparent screen, from far-spaced large dot pitch to close-spaced small spacing all the way, whether in color, shape, clarity, or tolerance All aspects are not comparable at the initial stage. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application fields of LED displays and more diverse uses, market segments in the market are rapidly expanding, and LED displays have derived small-pitch LED displays, led strip screens, LED transparent screens, and LED double-sided flips. Market segments with distinct features such as display screens. From these prosperous products, we can also see that the most obvious change in in recent years is the clarity and appearance. Then, what will the be like in the next five years? Color quotes to prove the concepts of all parties and take a closer look with us. ****, outdoor screen: visual influence becomes a new outlet. Now under the trend of outdoor advertising booming, it is no longer simple for outdoor advertising screens to obtain impressive effects. As a result, more and more media companies are initially fond of large-scale display media, compelling pedestrians to pay attention to them. For example, the most successful one is the giant LED light bar screen of the Aurora Building in Shanghai. This piece of advertising is successfully made into one of the signs of the Bund with the advertising language of I?SH, and it is also the most expensive advertising screen in the world. one. However, such a huge advertising area is almost impossible to find, so media companies and advertisements are also looking for cool display effects, so the trend of three-dimensional, 3D, and conceptual displays has also initially held their heads. For example, the highly valued Coca-Cola advertising screen on Times Square in New York has a certain eye-catching ability that vaguely suggests the future direction of outdoor advertising screens. It is reported that this 68-foot-high, 42-foot-wide dynamic device on the exterior surface of the building is composed of 1,760 moving led screen columns, showing a very smooth movement effect. Coincidentally, the 360°rotating LED stadium screens established in the United States are also in such a dynamic shape. And this kind of screen with more chaotic and changeable movement shape, its operation is obviously different from any type of screen in the past. Moreover, in the context of indulgent and influential vision seeking to accumulate, the trend of combining LED stage screens with naked-eye 3D, holographic projection, sensing, AR, VR and other technologies has become more and more bright. And this day when the civilized acting job is flourishing and the traditional stage has caused aesthetic fatigue to the audience, the indulgent, high-tech visual comprehension that complements the program has become the new favorite of stage design. No.2 Indoor screen: The classification is more detailed. After the small-pitch has laid a broad road in the indoor use mall, various companies and manufacturers have also lost the opportunity to launch a variety of display products to compete for the traditional display equipment mall cake. In the meantime, the first shot was the security screen, which is different from the shortcomings of traditional screen splicing. The advantages of small-pitch products such as seamless splicing and high-brightness overwhelm the former, making great progress. It is reported that the current small interval products only replace about 20% of DLP and other splicing screen shopping malls, which shows that its future development is also gratifying. No.3. Function u0026 operation: The intelligent wind is constantly transforming and unfolding, not only the display effect or appearance of the display screen, but also the corresponding control system and operation mode are becoming more intelligent. In terms of control system, from the early synchronous control system to the asynchronous control system in recent years, to the current remote control, mobile phone wireless control, etc., the control method of the has changed more concisely; the repair method has also been changed from the rear protection to Front protection, and now some companies have even introduced intelligent front protection, which can be controlled by software, no need to manually and violently disassemble, which is convenient for repairing and also protects the screen. As mentioned earlier, in the field of indoor commercial display, LED poster screens, LED mirror screens, LED TVs and other products will be more and more widely used, and now indoor advertising machines, smart shopping guides and other multi-functional equipment are in demand. The more outstanding, this must also make the touch screen and other more interactive features in demand. In addition, small-pitch products often compete with LCD products. However, compared with the sophisticated touch screen technology of LCD, is lacking in this aspect of technology. Undoubtedly, its interactivity is also in a disadvantageous position, and it is difficult to satisfy people's active acquisition. Information needs. Therefore, interactive functions such as touch screen and face recognition will also become one of the keys to future development.
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