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Take you to know the relevant content of the brightness of the touch monitor

Take you to know the relevant content of the brightness of the touch monitor


When purchasing a touch monitor, we will pay great attention to the brightness of the display, because the brightness uniformity of the display is related to the quality of the display itself. The following Top One Tech organizes the knowledge about the brightness of the touch monitor, hoping to help everyone know more about it.

High Brightness LCD  Touch Monitor

1. Display brightness

The brightness of the touch monitor refers to the light intensity emitted by the unit area of the central area of the phosphor screen, and its brightness can be improved in three ways: Improve the brightness of the backlight; Improve the aperture ratio of the TFT pixels; Improve the brightness of all materials.

2. Brightness uniformity

The touch monitor brightness uniformity refers to the brightness uniformity of the phosphor screen.

3. Important performance of brightness uniformity

The brightness uniformity of the LCD is directly related to the quality of the touch monitor itself, and its main realization is to affect the display effect of the screen. If the brightness uniformity of the selected touch monitor is poor, it means that the design of the backlight source hasvery serious problems. The problem of light leakage is easy to occur.

4. Negative effects of light leakage

The poor uniformity of LCD brightness leads to serious light leakage on the touch monitor screen. What effect will the light leakage have on the user? That is, when the display screen emits light, there is a large difference between light and dark, which will make it difficult for the user's eyes to adapt to this kind of light. If it is used for a long time, the eyes will be very tired, and the damage to the eyes will be very serious if used for a long time.

5. Standard of uniformity

The calculation method of the average brightness distribution of the touch monitor: minimum brightness ÷ maximum brightness × 100% = uniformity (data). General internal inspections add 5% to customer requirements. Generally, for small and medium-sized LCDs, we measure the brightness of 9 points. Divide the measured minimum value by the maximum value to obtain the uniformity of the LCD. The higher the uniformity, the better the consistency of the LCD image quality.

6. Precautions for purchase

When purchasing a touch monitor, some buyers do not have a professional understanding of these, so what should we do? How to choose a high-quality touch monitor at the lowest cost? That is to find a high-quality and reliable company such as Top One Tech.

The brightness knowledge of touch monitor screen is introduced here. For more professional knowledge sharing, please follow Top One Tech.

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