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Take You into the Internal Production Line of Top One Tech's Touch Screen

Take You into the Internal Production Line of Top One Tech's Touch Screen


Top One Tech's newly upgraded touch screen production line is equipped with advanced automated production equipment and engineering personnel. Starting from the purchase of raw materials, the touch screen is integrated with precision manufacturing, assembly and testing. The annual production capacity has increased by nearly 5 times, and the product quality has also been doubled.



1. Assembly line-focus on flexibility and efficiency

The assembly line has a clear division of labor, and the assembly of each touch screen component is arranged by professionals to reduce the risk of error. It is more flexible and efficient to set up multiple pipelines at the same time. Each assembly line can produce more than three different models or sizes of products(7"~65") at the same time to meet various unique customization requirements of customers, ensure that customers are provided with high-quality products, and that every customer's order can be shipped quickly within 20 days.



2. Computer room equipment-speed up efficiency and improve quality

Pre-press laminating machine, screen printing machine, cleaning machine, cutting machine and other large machines are fully equipped, fully automated production, equipped with independent power distribution and intelligent monitoring system with precise temperature control, which can effectively test products without interruption. The efficiency has been increased by more than 3 times compared with the previous one, which satisfies various product test and provides customers with more reliable and high-quality products.

3. Transportation system-safe and efficient finished product transportation solution

The finished product is packaged and put into storage is also a crucial part. The Top One Tech automated transportation system is a safer and more efficient solution for transporting finished products from the assembly workshop to the packaging workshop. It avoids cartons, foam, and dust from entering the assembly workshop, ensuring that the touch screen is brand new and clean when it is delivered to the customer.


4. Clean room-sealed, safe, strict requirements

The clean room has extremely high requirements for temperature, humidity, pressure and other environments, so the particles in the air need to be filtered by the machine. Personnel and materials must pass through the air shower, and staff must wear special clothing before entering. Top One Tech's touch screen is glued and assembled in a clean room throughout the entire process, requiring high cleanliness. Touch panels, LCD panels, and display modules are in a specific clean room. The clean room improves efficiency, enriches the product line, and provides customers with high-tech and high-quality products.

Top One Tech will always adhere to innovation as the core, provide customer-centric value-added solutions, provide high-quality products, meet the diverse needs of customers, and create more value for customers.

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