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Splicing related processing operations for small-pitch LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-05-01
For the touch display, the correlation processing operations of the small-pitch LED display are diverse. The area driven by an LED controller can be set as an independent touch display. With the download of the display area of u200bu200bthe small-pitch product It is becoming wider and wider, and projects of tens of square meters or even hundreds of square meters can be seen everywhere. We know that the smaller the dot pitch, the better the image display effect. If ordinary graphics processing technology is used for relative processing, then the edges of the image are likely to appear jagged, and even serious, there will be pixel missing. As a result, the brightness and clarity of the image also decrease. The high-end image processing chip uses complex graphics processing algorithms to ensure the high-definition display effect of the reduced image. Therefore, a good graphics processing algorithm is the best relevant operation applied to a small-pitch LED display. So what exactly is the processing operation of the small-pitch LED display? Small-pitch LED display 1. Non-standard resolution output. We all know that the LED display is composed of modules that want to be spliced u200bu200btogether. However, the size and physical resolution of each display unit are unchangeable, but spliced u200bu200btogether The large screen of the entire project is usually not a normal standard resolution. At this time, normal and reasonable operation requires non-standard resolution output, which allows us to quickly find the appropriate splicing method and the correct related processing method, so as to reasonably allocate system resources and effectively save the amount of use.  2, pure hardware architecture   The structure of the pure hardware architecture splicing processor is relatively simple and is not prone to system failures, so the acquisition board and output board are used, which is easier to replace. It can also realize the collection and processing of multi-channel and multi-format signals; the backplane exchange technology and the synchronization of the output board, so that it can meet the splicing related operations of the small-pitch LED display. Many features make the pure hardware architecture quickly become the mainstream product of today's splicing processing operation.  3, hybrid architecture   The system control and image processing of the hybrid architecture are generally implemented independently. Such an touch display system allows unified processing of high-resolution input signals while maintaining real-time corresponding operation quality assurance at the full frame rate. For important emergency places, it can guarantee that the screen will never be black and other advantages. Lihelilai believes that the comprehensive application of small-pitch LED displays can be achieved through a hybrid architecture, and the good effect of complementing each other's weaknesses can also greatly increase the stability of the system. This is also an important development direction for the development of splicing technology-related operations in the future.
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