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Special attention should be paid to these four points when purchasing industrial touch monitors

Special attention should be paid to these four points when purchasing industrial touch monitors


Industrial touch displays are displays used in industrial scenarios. Industrial touch monitors are different from ordinary home touch monitors. They have higher requirements for the use environment of the machine. In addition to the functions of ordinary home touch monitors, they also need to be dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-collision, and anti-high and low temperature, and other functions.

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After understanding what an industrial touch monitor is and its use environment requirements, we need to have a clearer understanding when purchasing industrial touch monitors. In addition to paying attention to the basic performance requirements for environmental use, the purchase of industrial touch monitors also needs to pay attention to the following questions, Next Top One Tech will explain with you.

1. The specifications and models should be selected with strong applicability


Some touch screens are not so widely applicable. Generally, they can only be used for products of the same brand, and even different series of products of the same brand cannot be used universally. Therefore, we should try our best to choose a touch display device with strong adaptability. At the same time, to check whether the industrial display has the relevant qualification certification, you can buy samples to try the product or find professionals and equipment to test the key performance. Top One Tech's touch displays are highly adaptable and can be compatible with a variety of systems and devices. They are also certified by FCC and CE, so customers can buy with confidence.

2. The touch monitor screen should be selected with high transparency


The screen transparency of the industrial touch display directly affects the visual effect. Generally speaking, the transparency refers to the average transparency in the screen, and naturally the higher the better.

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3. The smaller the reflection of the touch monitor screen, the better


The specular reflection will cause the image to overlap the light and shadow behind you, such as figures, windows, lights, etc. Reflectance is a negative effect encountered in the use of industrial displays. The smaller the better, it will have a certain impact on the user's browsing speed. Top One Tech's touch monitor screen will be treated with anti-glare, so there is no need to worry about the screen reflecting the surrounding environment and causing the screen content to be unclear.



4. The touch function of the touch monitor screen requires high reliability and stability


Regardless of the location of the touch screen, the output data of the same point has sufficient stability, if it is unstable, then the touch screen cannot guarantee accurate positioning. Inaccurate contacts, this is the most feared problem of industrial touch screens. Inductive touch selection and correct positioning are achieved by sensors in different parts. Top One Tech's industrial touch screen itself has a complete set of sensors with accurate contacts. The response speed is fast and can meet your industrial needs. The positioning principle of different products and the sensor technology used determine the response speed, reliability, stability and service life of the industrial touch screen.

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