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Some precautions you must know when purchasing a highlight touch monitor

Some precautions you must know when purchasing a highlight touch monitor


We have found that more and more customers are consulting with high-brightness touch monitors recently. It is also because special industries have more and more stringent requirements on brightness. What should we pay attention to when purchasing high-brightness touch monitors , and what should we master? Today, Top One Tech will discuss with you the skills and methods:

1. First, find the manufacturer or enterprise that produces outdoor highlight touch monitor (the easiest way is to find the corresponding supplier through keywords in search engines such as Bing/Google, for example, by looking for "oem touch monitor" "touch monitor custom" etc. keywords)

High Brightness Touch Monitor

2. Compare and inspect the specific situation of each supplier (registration time, scale, qualification certificate, public reputation, equipment capacity, production and export quality, price, after-sales service, cases, etc.)

3. Confirm whether the supplier is producing the products they need; simply need to confirm the product model, backlight brightness, power consumption, contrast, resolution, and structure size of the product. For more details, let the manufacturer provide their own specifications of the required products (confirm to your own technicians)

4. Evaluate the performance of the products;

a. Same size/same model; same brightness, choose the one with low power consumption. (The difference in power consumption made by different manufacturers modifying the brightness of the same original touch screen)

b. The same size/same brightness/same power consumption, choose a screen with high resolution. (The same size and resolution have different brightness and power consumption)

c. Same size/same brightness/; the higher the contrast, the better.

d. Brand comparison of original LCD display (LG/Samsung/Mitsubishi/Sharp, etc.)

5. Evaluate the after-sales service of the product and the response time to deal with the problem.

6. Confirm the delivery date of the product.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of purchasing high-brightness touch monitors. If you want to order outdoor high-brightness LCD touch monitors, you can contact us at any time, and we can provide professional customization for everyone.

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