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Smart LED display is about to usher in new challenges in the industry

by:Toponetech     2021-04-24
At that time, the development of smart LED display has become an inevitable trend in the profession. With the rise of smart cities, more and more applications require the escort of smart LED displays. With the rapid development of the Internet, the intelligentization of LED displays must be a big development direction. For LED display manufacturers, how smart LED displays can meet new professional challenges, and how to take advantage of the trend to make smart production in the future ecological chain A place in China? It became the most concerned issue at that time. Improve the level of standardization in the intelligent production ecological chain, norms are ubiquitous, cannot enter the intelligent production standard system, it is impossible to become a link in the ecological chain. There is no doubt that LED smart displays require a complete set of strict specification systems from smart product design, smart factory production to smart engineering devices, etc. Now, the profession urgently needs the standardized construction of product production. LED screen companies must actively collect domestic and foreign regulations closely related to their own categories, and keep abreast of the latest developments in professional norm information; on the other hand, they must strengthen and standardize arrangements and professional leading enterprises. , Liaison and communication between upstream and downstream enterprises to ensure the practicality and advancement of the norms. Intelligent transformation In the process of the development of intelligent LED display production, intelligent transformation is a choice that companies cannot bypass, especially for LED display manufacturers. Intelligent transformation is not just the introduction of a single robot or intelligent equipment, but a systematic project to effectively link the development and design, production process, handling and operation, etc., gradually improve the overall level of intelligence, and finally establish a complete intelligent production system. Of course, enterprises cannot blindly carry out intelligent transformation. They must adapt to local conditions and do their best. They must take intelligent transformation as a gradual evolutionary process, starting from the most urgently needed stage and gradually improving. At the same time, we must also pay attention to relying on external forces such as the support of the government and policies to learn from the advanced experience of peers. Strengthening collaborative innovation The strength of an enterprise's innovation ability depends not only on how many innovation resources it has, but also on whether it has the ability to merge and optimize these resources. It is no longer adaptable to close innovation alone. The update speed of products and technologies in the era of intelligent production requires changes to alliance-style collaborative innovation and channel-style innovation. This was the general trend of technology development at that time, and it was also the development of LED display intelligent innovation. Must require. Regarding the touch display manufacturers in the smart production ecological chain, they must actively seek opportunities to participate in cutting-edge technological innovation alliances with a global vision and an open mind, and improve themselves through integration or by leveraging various excellent technological resources. Innovative talents and all innovative strengths strive to obtain technological advantages in key links, and then gradually occupy a more favorable position in the industrial ecological chain of intelligent production to maximize profits. Promoting service-oriented transformation Service-oriented transformation and promotion will be an important trend in the future. For LED display companies, optimizing services and improving the added value of products and brand image is the only way for companies to develop. The focus of LED display service transformation and promotion is to expand product functions and satisfy user needs, increase investment in research and design, production, marketing, after-sales service, and engineering construction to increase the proportion of service value in enterprise output value. There are many successful cases of service-oriented transformation of production enterprises. For example, the clothing company Qingdao Red Collar, after more than a decade of accumulation of more than 2 million customer personalized customization data, launched the first domestic clothing personalized customization channel; nowadays LED display professional customization The heat is rising, and the success of this case has great learning implications for the touch display profession. In addition, doing well in talent storage operations, upstream and downstream supply chain construction, and innovative marketing forms are also necessary conditions for LED display to take the road of intelligent production. At that time, the professional development of LED display screens entered an inflection point. Facing the new round of global industrial innovation and the new normal of the domestic economy, only companies that automatically adjust can seize the opportunity in future development and gain more room for development. LED display manufacturers need If you want to have a place in intelligent production in the future, it is necessary to make full preparations and continuous improvement, so that you have the confidence to meet the challenge, and you must know that it is just empty talk to want to develop forever without doing the basic construction.
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