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Smart home era has come, let touch to change life!

by:Toponetech     2020-07-31
Capacitive touch screen application of ubiquitous, intelligent kitchen touch screen touch and personalized Settings, and you do not, today we crown teck group continues to challenge the new smart touch household products, such as lampblack machine, machine order, smart touch remote control and so on, to touch screen product more intelligent and humanization. Perhaps this is what we will see in the future high-tech kitchen on March 9, - — The 15th March 12, the Chinese electrical appliances and consumer electronics fair ( 设备 Electronics World Expo, AWE2016) Held in Shanghai new international expo. In the world's three biggest festival of home appliances and consumer electronics show, more than 600 exhibitors to record the exhibition scale, high-profile intelligent ecological construction and many wonderful activities, attracted the eyes of the world. Exhibition area of up to 10 square meters cover white goods, consumer electronics, intelligent application, hutch defends electric appliance, living environment and health appliances, electrical appliances, parts, and other areas of the seven. It is worth mentioning E2 hall be single in the history of AWE into intelligent household pavilion pavilion, show mainly for intelligent hardware, intelligent, smart home system and intelligent integrated application platform, all-round display intelligent household ecosystem, and site, visitors can experience the future smart home life scenes. Huawei, glory, millet, jingdong, Broadlink, WeChat, celebration, Lifesmart a batch of Internet, both hardware and software companies in the areas of IT. One company introduced a new type of cloud kitchen lampblack machine were liked by many visitors. According to the understanding of cloud kitchen lampblack machine why so popular? The original cloud cloud kitchen lampblack machine with touch screen kitchen, oil absorption, not only can realize to interact with more mobile phone screen, can also chat on the lampblack machine WeChat recipes, watching movies and learning, make cooking fun. It is understood that in the Internet under the background of rapid development, most of the electrical appliances when running into the era of intelligence, ordinary oil absorption 'intelligence' is generally low, and most of the brand development still stay on the size of the wind, with the needs of users. Users really want is a clean, smoke-free, while integrating entertainment kitchen space. Which can realize entertainment while cooking the lampblack machine, with rich menu, integrating cooking at 1. Article 50000 the video recipes, users can learn while cooking. At the same time, also can play all kinds of video and listen to Internet radio. More importantly, the lampblack machine also can become a practical tool for help and professional kitchen air steward, real-time sensory comfort, monitoring air quality in kitchen, kitchen kitchen comfort index record at any time. When the poor air quality in kitchen, automatically open lampblack machine ventilated take a breath. Fully realized you in the kitchen all entertainment needs. Smart home is becoming more common in the modern society, the operation of the smart home also need to be clear and simple and convenient, and a good touch screen with a touch-screen system can solve all problems. Make smart home intelligent operation.
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