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Small-pitch technology promotes structural optimization of the LED display industry

by:Toponetech     2021-04-30
While ushering in good development opportunities, the LED display industry is also facing some structural problems. The fierce competition caused by homogeneity drives the optimization of the industry's brand structure, and the small spacing has just played this historical role. As we all know, since 2012, the small-pitch LED display technology has grown into a new hot spot in the LED display industry in just a few years. However, for companies in the LED screen industry, the small-pitch technology is not only a new profit growth point, but its more important significance lies in its contribution to the optimization of the industry structure. The relatively low entry barriers and good market prospects of traditional LED display technology have brought about the mushrooming growth rate of LED screen manufacturers, but there are many companies that focus on simple imitation and rough production, and the products of the entire industry The effect of increasing convergence has become more obvious, making differentiation and fine-quality products the consensus of the entire industry. As an emerging display technology, small-pitch LED displays have higher requirements for Ru0026D, process and other processes than traditional LED displays. At the enterprise level, it is difficult to carry it without a certain scale of funds, Ru0026D teams and production lines. Invisibly, the small-pitch technology promotes the pace of survival of the fittest in the touch display industry, which will undoubtedly accelerate the restructuring of the industrial structure and optimize the structure. On the other hand, as an emerging technology, small-pitch LED is also a technology that has extremely high requirements for the scale of the enterprise, and it also gives more opportunities for non-traditional LED display manufacturers. In recent years, many manufacturers of traditional DLP splicing screens, liquid crystal displays, professional displays, and even TV sets have joined the small-pitch touch display industry circle. It has injected fresh blood into the LED display industry, and also promoted healthy competition in the industry, which is conducive to the healthy development of the industry. At present, under the appearance of the prosperity of the LED display industry, the undercurrent of the industry reshuffle is surging. Regardless of the industry's own development or the market environment, the touch display industry needs to make structural optimization. For non-traditional LED display companies, small-pitch technology is an excellent opportunity for them to enter the LED display industry; and traditional LED display manufacturers are also expected to use small-pitch technology to create their own differentiated competitive advantages.
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