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Small-pitch LED display will usher in a new upsurge

by:Toponetech     2021-05-03
In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of technology, LED displays are also developing silently under the prevalence of liquid crystal display devices. In the market where LCD screens cannot be used, LED displays are struggling, and various outdoor large screens use LED products. Therefore, the development of LED displays has also begun to attract attention, especially with the development of the information high-speed era. The display screen has become a blue chip stock, attracting a large amount of investment around 2010. At various display exhibitions, the LED display has become the protagonist of the display. The advancement of small-pitch touch display technology has broken the law that LED displays can only be used in the outdoor field. With the continuous improvement of image quality and the cracking of technical problems such as low brightness and high gray, small-pitch LED displays are used in indoor engineering. The display field, especially the high-end display market such as the monitoring room, has launched an impact. In the field of indoor engineering display, as a latecomer, small-pitch LED displays need to deal with direct competition from DLP splicing, LCD splicing and other technologies. Here we make a comparison: through comparison, it can be seen that in the current mainstream engineering display technology , The small-pitch LED display occupies performance advantages such as seam, color, uniformity, power consumption, etc., but the current price is still relatively high, so its current main assault market is concentrated in the high-end indoor application field, forming a certain degree with DLP Face the competition. As we all know, since its inception in 2012, small-pitch LED display technology has achieved rapid growth in just a few years. Not only has it become a profitable pioneer for many touch display companies, but it has also become a pioneer in DLP splicing and LCD splicing that have entered the market in advance. And other technologies pose a certain threat. Looking at the development of the large-screen display industry in recent years, it is not difficult to see that seamless and high image quality are the ultimate pursuit of large-screen displays. In the current mainstream display technology, LCD splicing has obvious seams, which makes it difficult to attack the broadcasting director room, the meteorological bureau, and other areas with high picture integrity. This field is also the core battlefield where small-pitch LEDs attack DLP. As a representative of new light sources, LED displays not only have inherent seamless advantages, but also have excellent brightness and color advantages, as well as low energy consumption and long service life, so they are generally optimistic. Therefore, industry insiders pointed out that as the price of lamp beads, which account for 70% of the screen cost, drops in the future, the performance advantages of small-pitch LED displays will become increasingly prominent, and the promotion of high-end indoor applications will accelerate. First of all, the core device of the LED display is the LED light-emitting diode, which is a light-emitting device based on this semiconductor technology. The principle of LED imaging is that the LED light-emitting diode can emit light of the three primary colors of red, green and blue. Friends who are familiar with optical theory know it. It means that it can be used to display pictures. Currently used in many fields, such as lighting, LCD backlight, self-imaging and so on. Due to the stable structure and other reasons, LED light-emitting diodes have many advantages, such as long service life, small current required, small size, and pure light-emitting color. Therefore, how to reduce the volume of LED light is the key to the development of this industry. In addition, the development of control systems and drive systems is also crucial. After 5 to 6 years of development, LED displays can now meet many types of applications. We saw the use of large-scale LED displays on the night of the Spring Festival. In addition, the transportation industry, the hotel industry, and the retail industry are often used You can see the figure of the LED display. So why are LED displays so widely optimistic? The first is the large market volume. At present, LCD screens are a familiar display form. In addition, there are two mainstream technologies, projectors and LED displays. Although LCD splicing can meet certain large screen needs, it has the disadvantages of splicing gaps and inability to use indoors. , Let the large LED screen in the open-air environment, have great application prospects. Transportation, hotel, retail, medical, performances. In addition to the expansion of the LED display market, its original market upgrade is also a market opportunity that cannot be ignored. In the past, LED displays are now facing new upgrades due to their large spacing and aging products. With the continuous development of information technology, the demand for screens continues to grow. Old-fashioned screens cannot meet the needs of users, nor can they meet the needs of businesses. In the next few years, there will be an upgrade boom.
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