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Small-pitch LED display improves viewing comfort for users

by:Toponetech     2021-05-05
With the birth of the small-pitch LED display, the small-pitch LED display has been used in more and more applications due to its true seamless splicing, high cost performance, outstanding color reproduction ability, and almost perfect display effect. Command center hall, control room, conference center and other key occasions. Display products such as LED TVs have also appeared in some civilian consumer fields. However, many people are worried about LED display technology. Will such screens have an impact on vision? What is the real situation? From the early black and white TVs to the current small-pitch LED displays, the human visual world has undergone earth-shaking changes, and it is these bright display products that have created colorful and wonderful pictures in today's life. And the screen should not be watched for too long, otherwise it will bring hidden danger to the eyes. Common LCD screens and DLP splicing screens on the general market have glare stimulation. In the case of short-distance and long-term viewing, the pupils of the eyes will shrink and the eyes will also feel obvious discomfort. To avoid this, it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the screen, but reducing the brightness will cause the grayscale problem of the picture and affect the visual effect. According to the data, if a high-quality large LED screen, especially a small-pitch touch display, is used, the eye-protection design will greatly enhance the comfort of viewing, and on the contrary play a good role in protecting the eyes and vision. Technology is a well-known comprehensive service provider for LED optoelectronic products in China. The company has rich experience in Ru0026D, production and after-sales service of LED screen products. Reflect, improve contrast, increase image effect. The screen is still excellent in gray at low brightness, and the human eye is more comfortable to watch, and it is not easy to cause visual fatigue. At present, it has been successfully applied to many occasions such as command center, control center, meeting room, intelligent teaching and so on.
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