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Small-pitch LED display has fully entered the security market

by:Toponetech     2021-05-03
The security industry is changing, and every round of industry fusion brings smart security to a new level. In the new security era, people’s demand for electronic mobile device terminals is also increasing, and thanks to the diversification of market demand and the diversification of upstream industry chain supply, many commercial displays such as small-pitch LED displays and LCD educational displays The product has become the sweet pastry for the layout of major enterprises, which once again evokes a new round of vitality for the security market. Next, Tuosheng Optoelectronics will give you an analysis of the prospects for small-pitch LED displays to enter the security market? 1. Small-pitch LED displays are attracting attention in the commercial display industry: In recent years, with the rapid development of smart cities and safe China, small-pitch touch display manufacturers have taken root in the security field. At major security exhibitions, there is no longer just monitoring, buildings, parking lots, and the number of small-pitch LED display manufacturers has also increased significantly. Whether it is a traffic guidance system, or a monitoring center command room such as public security management and smart cities, LED display screens are required as an information broadcasting platform. With the popularization of the 4K concept and the implementation of standards such as H.265, video surveillance is developing towards high-definition, and the requirements for LED displays are getting higher and higher, and we strive to achieve the complete display of video content. Therefore, high-definition, high-quality, low-energy small-pitch seamless splicing LED displays have become the sweet pastry of the security industry. With the popularization of small-pitch LED technology and the decline in the price of small-pitch LED display, the price of small-pitch LED display Regarding the development prospects of the industry, many people in the industry expressed confidence that security is ushering in an unprecedented golden development period and is gaining momentum. The same is true for the small-pitch LED display industry. In the past 2018, this industry has gained a lot from its continuous growth. The entire industry is slowly unfolding with a more stable market structure. The development of small-pitch LEDs has changed rapidly in recent years. It has already broken through the previous concept of simply narrowing the pitch, and the field of layout has become wider and wider. Driven by cities along the Belt and Road, smart small-pitch LED displays are being widely used in more and more applications such as smart cities, smart security, and smart transportation. In the low-end and middle-end application fields with strong economic demands such as indoor security and conference rooms, a large number of display module wholesalers and other manufacturers with low prices have emerged, making the small-pitch high-end and high-end applications in the original market The image is broken. Not only that, the application scenarios of small-pitch LED displays have now been expanded. Not only have advertising machines appeared in the marketing and promotion market, but they have also gone deep into the theater, trying to replace the traditional way of watching movies. 3. The small-pitch LED display is booming, bringing a new round of vitality to the security market. With the clarification of the research and development direction of small-pitch LED display products, the market and product positioning of small-pitch LED displays have gradually become clear. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, not only major LED display companies have begun planning, they have increased technological research and development, and continued to expand production capacity. Leading security companies are also interested in cross-border layout and strive to compete in the small-pitch market. The market prospects are very promising. Entering 2019, security has also entered a golden development period. For small-pitch LED displays, the future will not only be on the display, but also the express car equipped with the Internet and the Internet of Things, and becoming the carrier of the Internet may become the main direction of its development. In general, the small-pitch touch display is mature and promising to enter the security market!
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