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Small pitch LED display

by:Toponetech     2021-05-06
Please contact us in time so that we can serve you better! Our company is the largest LED application product supplier in China with LED displays and LED small-pitch displays as the main products. We are committed to the world's first-class channel suppliers, and we are willing to contribute a modest effort to the global LED business! single red double color full color touch display unit board offer indoor price indoor manufacturer!
Production technology of small-pitch
1. Printing technology: Too much or too little solder paste and printing offset directly affect the welding quality of the micro-pitch display tube. The correct PCB pad design needs to be communicated with the manufacturer and implemented into the design. The opening size of the stencil and the correct printing parameters are directly related to the amount of solder paste printed. Generally, 2020RGB devices use electro-polished laser stencils with a thickness of 0.1-0.12mm, and 1.0-0.8 thickness stencils are recommended for devices below 1010RGB. The thickness and opening size increase in proportion to the amount of tin. The quality of small-pitch LED soldering is closely related to solder paste printing. The use of printing machines with functions such as thickness detection and SPC analysis will play an important role in reliability. 2. Mounting technology: The slight deviation of the position of each RGB device of the fine-pitch display will cause the display of the screen to be uneven, which will inevitably require higher precision of the mounting equipment.
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