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Small knowledge of LED special-shaped creative display system structure

by:Toponetech     2021-06-22
1. System composition description 1) The working principle of the LED display body and the special-shaped creative screen is the same. The function of the full-color screen is to use the principle of three primary colors to reproduce and control the graphics on the computer monitor. The three primary colors of LED pixels all have 1024 gray levels, so each pixel has the ability to combine 1677216 colors. The working mechanism of the screen is to directly map the pixels on the control computer monitor screen to the pixels on the LED display screen, and this mapping is completed by hardware without any software intermediary. For the use and operation of the computer system, this mapping is completely transparent. The control circuit of the display screen receives the signal from the computer, and makes the LED dot matrix emit light through the driving circuit. The display screen is composed of LED light-emitting devices and control circuits. The entire display screen is composed of unit boxes with the same structure, which will make the installation and maintenance of the screen more concise and convenient. 2). Control system The electronic display control system designed by our company has the functions of data collection, sending and receiving, tone conversion, non-linear conversion, brightness adjustment and so on. 3). Broadcast control system The touch display screen broadcast control system is composed of a playback window and a control window. The playback window is used to display the content of the touch display, and the control window is used to control the content and sequence that needs to be displayed. 4) Controlling the computer With the support of the software system, a computer controls the display screen, which can convert the display screen on the playing computer into a digital signal in real time, and transmit it to the LED display screen for display, thereby simultaneously showing on the LED display screen. Shoot the same screen, and complete various processing and switching functions of the displayed content. 5) The video processing system can display video information on the screen, and the input of video information is through video peripherals, such as TVs, VCD players, DVD players, video recorders, cameras, etc. 6) After the audio equipment display screen is connected to the power amplifier and speakers, it can play music, and can also play news, advertisements and other information synchronously with the screen to achieve audio and image synchronization, making the display of the screen more infectious and sensational. 7) Communication system The information displayed in this system is processed by the computer, and then transmitted to the control circuit on the screen through the transmission line, and then displayed on the screen. Other computer peripherals, video peripherals, audio equipment, etc. are all connected to the input end of the computer, so that the line connection is very clear and easy to install, use, and maintain. 8) After the voltage stabilization of the power distribution system, the intelligent power distribution system is evenly distributed to each area of u200bu200bthe display screen according to the rated load conditions to provide a safe and reliable power supply for the LED display screen. The power distribution system of the display screen adopts the three-phase five-wire system, that is, TN-S power supply mode. The power distribution cabinet of the display screen should generally be installed near the screen body to facilitate nearby maintenance and repair. And equipped with a dedicated intelligent monitoring system. The power cable is drawn from the power distribution room outside the screen to the power distribution cabinet. The input voltage of the power distribution cabinet is AC 380V±15%, and the power frequency is 50HZ. Since the display system equipment is a transformer-type starting device, the starting current is relatively large, so for the display with a large power, the power distribution system is designed into several control loops, and delayed start and delayed power off are adopted to reduce the display. The impact on the power grid during screen shutdown and power transmission. The system power distribution of this project adopts a combination of radial and tree trunks, and adopts centralized power distribution and decentralized power distribution to maximize the safety, high quality, stability, economy and easy maintenance of the entire power distribution system. The power distribution cabinet is equipped with air switches, fuses, AC contactors, current transformers, voltage transformers, power lightning protection devices, etc., and the power distribution cabinet doors are also equipped with ammeters, voltmeters, knob switches and indicator lights. The power distribution system has the functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, phase loss, anti-surge, short circuit, open circuit protection and alarm. It has the functions of step-by-step delayed start and step-by-step delayed power off to reduce the impact on the power grid when the display screen is stopped and power is sent. The door of the power distribution cabinet is also equipped with manual switches for each branch and indicators for the on-off status of each branch's power supply. The power distribution cabinet is controlled by manual and remote control. The special computer for LED control in the central control room outputs power control signals to the power remote control.
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