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Six directions for the future development of LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-06-15
1. The development of energy-saving LED (semiconductor light-emitting diode) itself is very energy-saving, its characteristics are: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy to control, maintenance-free; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color is soft, gorgeous , Rich and colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, is a green and environmentally friendly product. But when it is made into an LED display, the power consumption is not small. The working voltage of the LED is generally 3.2V, and the maximum working current is 0.02A, which means that the maximum power consumption is 0.06W. However, large LED screens are large screens, which require a lot of points. Take the outdoor P16 display as an example: there are 3906 points per square meter, and one point has three RGB lights. The power consumption calculation formula for one square meter is 3906 (dots) × 3 (lights) × 0.02 (A) × 5(V)u003d1172W (maximum power consumption, calculated according to the entire screen), the outdoor screen is at least tens of square meters, or even hundreds of square meters, then the total power consumption is very large. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of the LED display and realizing real energy saving are definitely the most important development direction of the LED display. 2. Development towards lightness. At present, the industry's most-made product is the iron box screen. The light screen body weighs more than 50 kilograms per square meter, plus the weight of the steel structure, the whole is very heavy. Even if it is a small and medium-sized project of tens of square meters, the total weight must be in tons. In this way, many floors of buildings can hardly bear such heavy attachments, and the load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept. Therefore, lightness is also the development direction of LED large screens. 3. To develop the electronic products commonly used in our lives. TV sets are becoming thinner and thinner. Many mobile phones also use ultra-thin as a product highlight, and computer monitors are also developing in a thinner direction. The product becomes thinner and the weight is correspondingly lighter, which makes it easier to transport and to assemble the display screen. Large LED screens must also keep up with the mainstream of the era of electronic products. Besides, transparency refers to ventilation and light transmission. If a large LED screen is installed on the top of a high-rise building, ventilation is very important. The greater the air permeability, the smaller the wind resistance, the stronger the wind resistance, and the greater the protection of the product. If the touch display is installed on the side of a high-rise building, then the product can transmit light and will not affect the indoor lighting. Otherwise, after the product is installed, it will become a dead wall, making the room as dark during the day as at night. In summary, thinness is also the development direction of large LED screens. 4. Development towards patent protection From the current status of global LED patents, as far as technology is concerned, LED displays have the characteristics of high technical bottlenecks but low entry barriers. The initial investment is not large and the capital threshold is not high. In order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technological spillover, patents are the best way to protect. The patent barrier is the main means for the first to enter manufacturers to avoid competition. Therefore, patents have become an important issue that cannot be avoided in the development process of the LED industry, but the entire industry has not paid much attention to it. After the LED display industry started, it basically did not undergo adjustment and development, and directly entered a stage of fierce competition. Everyone was busy fighting for the market and expanding the scale, and hardly spent much energy on product research and development, and had not considered knowledge. Property rights are protected, and some new technologies have not been applied for patents in time. As the industry gradually matures and regulates, protecting one's intellectual property rights and intangible assets through patent application is also the inevitable development direction of the LED large screen industry. 5. Development towards fast and accurate splicing This is mainly for LED rental displays. The characteristic of leasing is that it is frequently disassembled and assembled to meet temporary needs, so the display cabinets must be able to be spliced u200bu200bquickly and accurately. Just like an outdoor temporary concert, you need to rent a background display of about 50 square meters, and the decision to use a display may be installed two days before the concert. In view of this situation, if the products cannot be spliced u200bu200bquickly and accurately, there will be no way to meet the requirements of the site. Even if it is fixed installation, this requirement is also required, otherwise it will increase labor costs, affect the flatness of the large screen, and thus affect the display effect. Therefore, fast and accurate installation must be the development direction of touch display. Therefore, the standardization of LED large screen products is also an inevitable trend.
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