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Should I choose capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen for my terminal equipment?

Should I choose capacitive touch screen or resistive touch screen for my terminal equipment?


Many industrial control customers will encounter many problems in the early stage of selection. For example, should I choose a capacitive screen or a resistive screen for my industrial touch screen? Today, the editor will give you a comprehensive analysis of which display screen is more suitable for your terminal product, resistive touch screen or capacitive touch screen?


1. Resistive touch screen:

They are not afraid of dust, water vapor and oil.

② It can be touched with any object and can be used to write and draw, which is their major advantage.

The accuracy of the resistive touch screen only depends on the accuracy of the A/D conversion, so it can easily reach 4096*4096. The five-wire resistance is better than the four-wire resistance in ensuring the accuracy of the resolution, but the cost is relatively higher, so the price is very high.


2. Capacitive touch screen:

15 inch capacitive touch screen

①  It can also be operated with gloves.

② The influence of temperature and humidity has also been solved and can be operated by touch.

In terms of price, if you consider the product cycle and have more than 2-3 years of use, you can choose a capacitive touch screen.

From the perspective of product reliability, the resistive touch screen needs to rely on pressure to deform the surface of the touch screen before touch detection. This principle determines that the service life of the resistive screen is not long. Capacitive touch screens are advantageous in this regard.

The advantages of using capacitive touch screen for industrial touch screen:


1. Multi-touch is possible.

2. High positioning accuracy.

The advantages of using a resistive touch screen for industrial touch all-in-one computers:

1. The cost is cheap, and the response sensitivity is also very good. 

2. It can adapt to various harsh environments, and can operate the industrial tablet computer with anything.

So is it better to choose a capacitive touch screen or a resistive touch screen?

When choosing a suitable industrial LCD screen and industrial touch screen, it needs to be determined according to the application environment of the product, the application crowd and the product market. The choice between capacitive touch screens and resistive touch screens is usually determined by cost, accuracy, damage resistance, and environmental adaptability.

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