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| science: industrial computer

by:Toponetech     2020-09-03
Computer in the recent decades, has changed our life greatly. In industry, the computer also get the corresponding application, that is the industrial computer. So-called industrial computer, simple, is the computer application in the industry, also it is because the application in the industry, industrial computer and general computer with different features. Industrial computer use need not, it is mainly used in industrial control, test, etc. A typical application of industrial computer is via a standard serial port ( RS232/485 serial port) External data obtained by the calculation of computer internal microprocessor, finally through the display screen or through a serial port output, so, in the industrial computer, we implemented a calculation process. Obviously, this and common computer entertainment, office, application programming is completely different. High-performance single machine in addition, control in the industrial computer components are different. Industrial computer work situation is different, also inevitably lead to the composition of different parts and general-purpose computer. Such as industrial computer can not display, can have multiple serial port, the CPU is a dedicated industrial control CPU, the system board area is very small. Above all these features reflect the difference of two kinds of computer. Due to the bad environment of industrial control, often need special parts to constitute a computer for industrial control. For example, in some cases need to more wide working temperature, many industrial computer to 20 degrees below zero to 80 degrees of temperature within the scope of work; Other cases need stability better devices, such as strong resistance to interference device. These characters are and industrial computer use closely related. Also it is because the function is multifarious, different industrial computer also has a different interface, general normal computer is poor. Industrial computer software system and general computer is different. Industrial computer software system is unitary, mainly to achieve a specific function, and because of industrial computer used is not very fast processor, makes the program written request is higher. Industrial computer usually adopts the simulation environment to develop the program, and with the method of off-line operation. And ordinary computer has a lot of general application, processor speed is very fast, the development of the software system is completely on the machine, without the support of other environment. Industrial computer interface has two aspects, industrial computer or more similar characteristics and the general computer. Such as though their use of the CPU is different, but the CPU or the same series product, has the same internal structure; Two computers in the same bus structure, many industrial computer is a simplified version of the general computer; And a lot of industrial computer and general computer interface of the same or compatible. Below we to a data acquisition system as an example to illustrate if the actual process of an industrial computer. First we investigate what we need to develop a target, with this goal, we selected a typical structure of industrial computer, choose industrial use of CPU and peripheral circuit, etc. Simulators, and then select the debugger, develop the main control program in PCS. In the application development process, to design the signal collection and signal process, analysis program, stored procedures, etc. At the end of the day, we put the compiled program burn into the ROM of industrial computer, and then remove the periphery of the emulator and debugging tools, so a complete industrial computer can be put into use. Now, the industrial computer has become one of the indispensable device in the industrial application, it has the characteristics of the computer, also have the practicability of industrial equipment, will be in the future play an irreplaceable role in the process of automation.
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