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review: nintendo\'s tv-watching tool helps control clutter with fewer buttons

by:Toponetech     2020-04-16
Los Angeles, California. -Nintendo\'s TV-
The viewing tool for the new Wii U console beat my regular remote.
The service called TVii has changed the way you watch TV in three ways.
It turns the touch
Wii U\'s screen game Handle Controller becomes a remote control for TV and TV-top box.
Whether it\'s on live TV or Internet video services like Hulu Plus, it brings together your favorite shows and sports teams.
It provides water-
You can chat on social media.
It takes some habits, I have a lot of re-
After years of guiding the surf with my thumb, I learned to do it.
But once I did, I found that the service increased the number of buttons on most TV remotes.
TVii is available free of charge with Wii U, although it is not available in the USS. until mid-
December, about a month after the game machine debut.
A good touch is that TVii allows you to search for shows in one place via the Internet video app and live TV.
I can then choose whether to watch on a big TV or on the touch screen of the controller, which can measure 6.
2 inch diagonally.
Dealing with these videos from different sources at the same time is a daunting task, Nintendo Inc.
Well done.
No one else has seamlessly combined live and WebTV as before.
Due to the blurring of the line between the two, I hope other gadget manufacturers and TV signal providers can replicate and improve some of TVii\'s progress.
First of all, TVii asks your TV maker
Set-top box manufacturers, your location and TV providers (
Probably the antenna).
TVii then uses infrared coding to control your TV, just like the old remote, which can provide traditional channel guides for live TV shows.
TVii will also ask about your favorite shows, sports teams and movies.
This helps it create a simpleto-
Learn about the grouping of shows you might want to watch.
I appreciate the way TVii guides me through the setup process.
This is refreshing as I recently unfortunately tried to program the remote control that came with my cable set --
The box at the top is as interesting as making tax returns.
TVii eliminates the need for reading folding
It seems to be a guide book written by E-enthusiasts and e-enthusiasts.
Once the setup is complete, TVii will provide you with a range of icons for favorites, TV, movies, sports, and search.
A small avatar of your identity is in a corner, click on it to adjust your favorites or complete the settings again.
Everyone in the family can have different avatars and favorites.
In favorites, cover art is listed on your show, and you can browse through these products.
Clicking on one, such as the \"Mindy Project\", will list a list of episodes with pictures and short summaries.
Choose a set of choices
If the channel is on live TV, or on the buttons of Hulu Plus or Amazon, you can pay monthly access through the app of the service, or just pay for one episode. (
The free version of Hulu is blocked on gadgets including Wii U and tablets.
It\'s no surprise that Apple\'s iTunes is not integrated. )
The option to click-through Netflix will be added at some point in 2013.
A small question is if you want to watch the show on live TV now, it will ask if your TV input source has been set-
Instead of other gadgets like Wii U or DVD player.
If so, the channel changes when you click yes.
If not, you have to click until the source switches to the correct source and then click yes \".
\"Nevertheless, there is no need to go back to the remote control of the TV.
The operation of TV, movies, sports and other menu items searched is very similar.
In the end, you will see a series of options.
As far as sports are concerned, you may see several game possibilities, with the latest scores displayed on each game icon.
As an alternative, you can use a physical TV button on the game handle that can simulate a simplified standard remote control.
Another option is to use a completely separate interface where favorite channels and other controls are displayed graphically in halfcircular wheel.
It looks strange. I don\'t recommend it.
Anyone who is frustrated with the cable and box mess that now surrounds the TV will see the appeal of TVii.
My wife said she likes the ease of holding and touching the controller instead of fiddling with buttons --laden remote.
One drawback I see on TVii is that you have to keep looking down to know what to look.
You have to insert it often because the game handle controller disappears after three to five hours of use.
TVii also provides a standard channel guide where you can scroll up and down programs on different channels, or scroll around at different times of the day.
The touch changes the channel to the show, which is fine.
For certain programs and sporting events, TVii will provide a running list of key events called the TV label.
\"These descriptions of events, like the exact moment when Mindy\'s Christmas party is in chaos, and the screenshots are displayed on the screen of the game handle.
Clicking on one of them opens the comment window and the on-screen keyboard allows you to comment.
For sports, you will get a description of each game next to the updated graphics, such as the number of yards thrown when passing the ball.
Not many people have Wii U consoles yet, and no one has been adjusted to TVii.
As a result, I found that only one or two reviewers could share my thoughts.
If you have connected TVii to Facebook and Twitter (
Again, some signsup is involved)
, Your comments will be sent to your friends and followers, but the TV tag for your comments will not appear, so they may not know what you are talking about.
The tag \"NintendoTVii\" was added to TVii to help the reader guess.
In the end, TVii is not perfect.
It can\'t program for your digital video recorder yet, although it will Program for March o dvr by March.
Sports are limited to professional basketball and college basketball and football and are not integrated with the fantasy sports league.
The battery life of the game handle is very short.
One of the review units I was sent to did not charge and had to be replaced, although I have not yet found anyone else with the same problem.
Leaving aside these stimuli, Nintendo has given us a way to control the chaos of crowded channels, apps and devices around the TV.
This is relatively easy and intuitive and some updates are in progress.
It\'s good considering the problems of the TV world.
_ About TVii: TVii turns the game Handle Controller of Wii U into a remote control that integrates live TV and Internet video experience.
The service is free, but you will need a Wii U console starting at $300.
With video services like Hulu Plus, Amazon, and Netflix, you\'ll also need to pay extra.
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