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Restaurant use touch all-in-one order double per capita consumption

by:Toponetech     2020-05-14
Chinese touch screen webex, restaurant touch screen has been widely used in the special is that several of the core business district in guangzhou, from the touch screen semi-automatic machine to point meal to the cash register appearance display touch all-in-one, illustrates the restaurant human-computer interaction develops gradually from internal employee to potential customers. Yu Dongpu core TIT times square food, almost every has the appearance of the restaurant chains use format between different interactive touch screen to attract consumers, through the hdmi and man-machine interactive query let consumers understand the restaurant food culture, menus, service and so on, USES the android or Windows system query about other half of the software. Now is better in wanda, age, joining and dining areas of the plaza restaurant dishes such as types, how to gain a foothold in the competitive restaurant market profit more and more difficult, looked up to the naked eye is a piece of downtown restaurant, diners into the shop, can only rely on luck or the weekend, that is why the restaurant touch screen has become so important. According to company personnel statistics, east nursery age diet TIT square area a total of 34 touch advertising machine ( Do not include order machines and cash registers) Are using, including 26 is from touch products, all trouble-free normal play to its function effect, compared with other brand color is more clear and bright color, highly comfortable operation flow experience. Used in restaurant, touch touch free distribution of the touch screen query software or provide customization, content of qifang each has its own characteristics. Data analysis, consumer favorite is not cheap, but cheap, a value, as long as the screen content for this use of good marketing means, consumers will be more willing to bring you profit. As compared with previous way of marketing, the use of the hardware and software scheme of the restaurant customer retention rate increased by more than 500% on average, people's consumption rate increased by 200%, use the restaurant touch screen can achieve twice the performance enhancements. Shenzhen crown teck photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , with capacitive touch screen customization services, with exquisite technology to the masses of users to provide good product.
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