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Restaurant cash register or a touch screen using the touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-05-14
Today's food industry with the development of social economy, increased constantly expanding, increasing the quality of people's lives, so customers in the cafe dining when all hope can fast and convenient point to their favorite types of food, the cashier also can quickly meet the requirements of consumers. So most of the key steps to depends on the function of the POS cash register products, as a result, many businesses will put forward restaurants use POS cash register, is a good or a touch screen touch screen cash register cash register? Here we introduce crown teck touch screen touch touch the cash register with the use of the advantages and disadvantages, the advantage of the cash register is not touch can use the keyboard and mouse better operating cash register system, and can prevent the cashier and funnelled more phenomena, using a wide range, the downside is that a longer operating time. Touch the cash register of the use of the advantages is the big screen, the operation is convenient, what customers need, you just need to touch with finger, still can save a space for the checkout counter, reduced the location of the mouse keyboard, let the counter looks more concise. And guest show can also be for promotion or discount activity plan in the specialities of the house, and attract more consumers. One generation of a cash register the market now to be being washed out gradually, the third generation of the cash register are almost all adopt the touch, touch advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the cash register, favored by the vast number of merchants. Crown teck touch screen manufacturer customizable capacitive touch screen, the touch of different ways for different people to choose from.
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