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Resistive touch screens related knowledge is introduced

by:Toponetech     2020-03-24
Resistive touch screens related knowledge is introduced. Industrial tablet resistive touch screen is a kind of sensor, it will touch point in rectangular area ( X,Y) The physical location of converted to represent coordinates X and Y coordinates of the voltage. Many LCD module are used the resistive touch screen, the screen can use lines to four, five, seven or eight line to produce the screen bias voltage, at the same time, read back the touch point voltage. What is a resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen? Resistive touch screens on the job every time can only judge a touch point, if the touch point in two or more, can't make the right judgment, so applies only to click resistive touch screens, some simple actions, such as drag and drop the judgment. And the multi-touch capacitive touch screen, the user's touch can be decomposed to collect more signals and judge two work, complete the complex action of judgment. Actually touch the principle is roughly same, is to increase transparency in normal LCD touch panel. And what we call the types of resistive and capacitive is divided according to its working principle is different. Second, introduce the advantages and disadvantages of resistive touch screens: advantages: 1, the relatively long service life. 2, screen and control systems are relatively cheap, response sensitivity is also very good, to the outside world is completely isolated working environment, not afraid of dust and moisture, can adapt to the harsh environment. It can use any object to touch, stable performance is good. Disadvantages: 1, are less able to deal with the interference, poor ability to prevent misoperation. Any things can cause movement. 2, due to certain pressure, after a long time can cause wear surface material, affect the normal use of the product life. 3, its sensitivity is not easy to adjust, prone to the sensitivity of the imbalance, sensitive point A, B the dull phenomenon often occurred. Three, resistive touch screens use note: 1, don't stack placed resistive screen, use the tray. 2, lead to any place will not be able to have folded in half. 3, lead wire reinforcement plate parts cannot be bent. 4, resistive touch the glass surface is the touch surface, is also positive product. 5, prevent direct lead picked up the touch screen, prevent is pulling action to lead position. Part 6, resistive screen for glass is fragile, cannot exert great impact on touch screen assembly. 7, can't use corrosive organic solvent wipe the touch screen membrane surface. Such as industrial alcohol. 8, when clean product surface, need to use soft cloth dips in petroleum ether to wipe. 9, lead wire at the time of assembly, need to insert level, to strengthen heel folded insert is prohibited. 10, take put products need to single chip operation, the light to take light put, prevent collision and scratch products surface. Part 11, touch screen glass products, glass edge is sharp, need to wear gloves when assembly/refers to the set of operations. 12, in the assembly design and frame design, need to pay attention to the following items: ( 1) Fixed pillar of touch screen frame must be in the visual area of the touch screen. ( 2) Suggested that fixed touch screen material for plastic material, the front part of the mat have contact with touch screen soft materials. ( 3) Frame must be in the operating area of the touch screen, frame in can see area to the operating range can not be stressed.
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