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Requirements of indoor full-color LED display screen to control computer host

by:Toponetech     2021-05-08
What are the requirements for the computer configuration of the indoor full-color LED display? Let's first distinguish the application environment. Generally, the purchase of a control computer basically requires two major aspects: commercial computers and industrial computers. Can a home computer be used? It can still be used. Only commercial computers and industrial computers seek high stability, and their adaptability is stronger than home computers under equal conditions. The average trouble-free operation time of commercial computers and industrial computers exceeds 5000 hours, and some reach 20000 hours or more. Household machines are generally used in the home environment and will not last for a long time. The operating environment is relatively better than that of commercial machines. Therefore, the stability of home machines in long-term operation is not as stringent as the requirements of commercial machines. The indoor full-color LED display display room has been provided with technical support for the display for a long time, and there are always different people who ask the editor what LED display requires to operate a Kong computer. I feel that after so many years, my saliva is dry. Now, it's still a few words in stock. Shuang Xing is summed up here, and I hope to help everyone. So when do we use commercial computers and when do we use industrial computers? As we all know, LED display screens are classified according to the environment, which are mainly divided into indoor display screens and outdoor display screens. Most of the display screens can be placed in a better environment if the computer is controlled, for example, where there is a computer room that operates kong, we can use commercial computers with confidence. In a relatively harsh environment, such as the interior of a pillar-shaped billboard, it is necessary to use industrial computers. Industrial computers are industrial computers designed for industrial use. Their basic performance and compatibility are almost the same as those of commercial computers. However, industrial computers pay more attention to stability in different environments. They may be solid, shock-proof, moisture-proof, Dust-proof, high-temperature resistant, multi-slot and easy to expand features. It is the best channel for various industrial operations, traffic operations, environmental protection operations and other applications in the field of automation. They all provide the best solution for man-machine interface and operation process. The LED display is the same as other conventional industrial equipment, and does not have high requirements for the basic equipment of the Kong computer hardware. Regarding the LED screen that needs to broadcast video, in addition to the graphics card, other hardware equipment can be equipped with low-end lines, because the current level of computer technology has completely reached the scale of LED display application requirements. It should be noted that the kong host has requirements for the graphics card, and the graphics card must be equipped with an independent dual-output graphics card. The intention of dual output is to use as two output terminals. One output is used for monitor operation and the other output is to use the video signal of the graphics card to the touch display. That is to use the LED display as a display, which is our industry. Often said mirror effect. In this way, the computer display (monitor) and the LED display have a pixel-to-point, one-to-one correspondence. The video memory selection of the graphics card is equipped according to the density of the LED display. The higher the density, the larger the data volume of each frame of the video. A graphics card with a lower equipment will cause the LED to appear stuck when playing video. Generally, we classify LED displays according to the resolution of LED display screens: LED displays below 640*480 use 32M video memory below 800*600 LED displays use 64M video memory below 1024*768 LED displays use 128M video memory below 1280*1024 LED display uses 256M video memory below 1920*1080 (2K) LED display uses 512M video memory below 4K LED display resolution using 1G video memory display advocates using a larger resolution than the LED display equipment, the standard is mostly 17 inches To a 21-inch monitor. To 1920*1080 resolution, the minimum standard is a 21.5-inch display. The graphics card equipment is based on the above resolutions and so on. It may be difficult to buy graphics cards with a video memory below 128M. We can use a graphics card with 128M video memory instead of direct use. The discrete graphics cards currently in use are all PCI-E interfaces, which are purchased separately from the host, which means that it is added by other new equipment. Often the LED sales staff simply forgot to remind the customer about this issue when placing an order, or they might have missed the equipment.
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