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Release the iPhone SE, unlimited extension of touch screen technology

by:Toponetech     2020-06-24
The application of touch screen mobile phone ( 1993) IBM in 1993 launched the 'Simon' is likely to be in the world with the above smartphone, although there were no this noun. It combines the functions and characteristics of the mobile phone and PDA, and built a touch screen, although the early touch screen touch is very poor. Subsequently, MOTOROLA, SONY Ericsson, samsung, HTC and other mobile phone manufacturers, have been looking for a real mobile phone touch screen design, but the end was launched in 2007 by apple iPhone with high resolution, multi-touch function, truly established the standard of touch screen. Today, capacitive touch screen has become a kind of intelligent mobile phone standard on March 21, 10 o 'clock in the morning (American time Beijing time 22) in the morning , apple headquarters in cupertino, California in the United States released a new product, is the much-anticipated 4. 0 inches screen mobile phone iPhone SE ( In addition to the rose gold color, and the appearance of the iPhone 5 s infinite close to) There are 9, and other products. 7 in the Pro with the new Apple Watch strap. After the high speed development of science and technology, touch screen has deep into every corner of life, so many should be asked, and for the development of the touch screen has maintained a high-speed update, now nearly replaced the phone keypad touch screen, touch screen in the near future will replace more, let's wait and see. Touch technology is a breakthrough under? Through the review, we have seen the old touch screen from poor tactility and low resolution, poor appearance to the high resolution and multi-touch multimedia until the development of intelligent, then, let's hope the next breakthrough technology, what is it? For now, can wear only, or may be what we are looking forward to a more flexible form: maybe can be changed form flexible touch display, may be able to replace real virtual projection lens micro control micro. As you can imagine, touch screen of the next 10 years, will be full of surprises.
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