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Red and white LED advertising display that is better

by:Toponetech     2021-03-26
Single color LED display is red, white, green, yellow, etc. White and red is used more widely. So white and red two kinds of screen that is better? First of all, we understand the principle of advertising LED screen go words red with white, red LED display is a single color (red R) Red lamp bead, can only display. But the white LED display is made up of red, green and blue, RGB) Three color composition by 3 kinds of color of lights, at the same time display, control card screen showing a white light. Red display come out earlier, and white out late. But the technology is quite mature. Users can rest assured purchase. There is no difference in the choice and application of. Consideration the cost and the difference of the advertising screen and the surrounding stores to choose from. Information source: small make up a LED display on the photoelectric 0 partial color how to deal with? The next green light flashing LED display does not work to send card is how to return a responsibility
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