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Reasons for the old problems of outdoor led display!

by:Toponetech     2021-04-26
Abstract: screens often have various problems in use. Today, we have summarized the troubleshooting methods for outdoor module power supply boards of screens, and share them with you here.    A The whole board does not light up        1. Check whether the power supply is connected to the signal line.      2. Check whether the test card is used with screens. Various problems often occur during use. Today, we summarized the troubleshooting methods for the power supply board of the outdoor module and share them with you here.     A. The whole board does not light up        1. Check whether the power supply is connected to the signal line. 2. Check whether the test card recognizes the interface. If the red light of the test card flashes, there is no recognition. Check whether the light board and the test card have the same power ground, or the light board interface has a signal and ground short circuit, which causes the interface to be unrecognized. 3. Check whether 74HC245 exists Welding short circuit, whether the corresponding enable (EN) signal input and output pin on 245 is welded or short-circuited to other circuits. Note: Mainly check the power supply and enable (EN) signal.     B. When the dots are scanned obliquely, the regular interlaced lines do not light up and the screen overlaps.        1. Check whether there is a broken wire, a virtual weld, or a short circuit between the A, B, C, and D signal input ports to 245.     2, check whether the A, B, C, D output terminals corresponding to 245 are open, soldered, or short-circuited between the corresponding A, B, C, D output terminals and 138.      3. Check whether the signals A, B, C, D are short-circuited or a signal is short-circuited to ground. Note: Mainly detect ABCD line signals.  C. One or several rows do not light up when all on.      1. Check whether the circuit between 138 and 4953 is open, soldered, or short-circuited.    D. During line scanning, two or several rows (generally a multiple of 2, regular) will light up at the same time.      1. Detect whether there is a short circuit between the signals of A, B, C, and D.      2. Check whether the 4953 output terminal is short-circuited with other output terminals.    E. There is a single point or multiple points (irregularly) that do not light up when all on.        1. Find the corresponding control pin of the module and measure whether it is short-circuited with this line.      2. Replace the module or single lamp.   F. One or more columns are not bright when all on.       1. Find the pin that controls the column on the module, and check whether it is connected to the output terminal of the driver IC (74HC595/TB62726).    G. A single point or a single column is highlighted, or the entire row is highlighted, and it is not controlled.       1. Check whether the column is short-circuited with the power ground.     2, check whether the line is short-circuited with the positive pole of the power supply.       3. Replace the driver IC.  H. The display is chaotic, but the signal output to the next board is normal.       1. Check whether the 245 corresponding STB latch output terminal is connected to the latch terminal of the driver IC or the signal is short-circuited to other circuits.  I. The display is chaotic and the output is abnormal.       1. Check whether the clock CLK latches the STB signal or not.     2, check whether the 245 clock CLK has input and output.      3. Check whether the clock signal is short-circuited to other lines.      Note: Mainly detect clock and latch signal.    J. Display lack of color       1, check whether the 245 data terminal of the color has input and output.      2. Check whether the data signal of the color is short-circuited to other circuits.      3. Check whether the cascade data port between the driver ICs of the color is open, shorted, or soldered. Note: It is easier to find the problem with the voltage detection method, check whether the voltage of the data port is different from the normal one, and determine the fault area.    K. There is a problem with the output.       1. Check whether the line from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short-circuited.     2, check whether the clock latch signal of the output port is normal.      3. Check whether the cascade output data port between the last drive IC is connected to the data port of the output interface or whether it is short-circuited.    4. Whether the output signals are short-circuited to each other or short-circuited to the ground.      5. Check whether the output cable is good. led electronic display touch display electronic display
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