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Questions about the purchase of small-pitch LED displays

by:Toponetech     2021-04-24
As the name implies, the small-pitch has a small pixel pitch and high resolution per unit area. It can display higher-definition graphics images and views. Frequency, you can also display more channels of images. Frequency and image images, especially in the application of image stitching, can realize seamless and arbitrarily large-area stitching. Reduce the dead light rate of the indicator light and ensure the stability of the screen body. The installation methods are flexible and diverse, the screen thickness is thin, space saving, and high brightness can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environments. In addition, there is no high bulb replacement cost, low energy consumption, and low post-operation and maintenance costs. The improvement of the fineness of the picture makes indoor applications of small-pitch screens possible. 1. The service life of the small-pitch . The small-pitch has light weight and can withstand high strength. Mechanical shock and vibration are not easy to break. The average life span is 20,000 hours, and the lamp life span can reach 10 to 20 years. . It can ensure normal lighting, ensure hygiene, eye protection, eye protection, no abnormal psychological or physiological reactions in light color, firm lamps, and flexible circuit safety switches. The small-pitch is a kind of cold light source, composed of semiconductor light source, ultra-low power consumption, 1000~2000 lumens/watt, light source life of 10000 hours, and light attenuation of 5-10%. Health: It is a green light source. DC drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and strong luminous directivity; good dimming performance, no visual error when the color temperature changes; it satisfies people well The physiological and health needs of humans are a healthy light source for protecting eyesight and environmental protection. 2. What to pay attention to when buying a small-pitch . With the advancement of technology, the dot pitch is becoming smaller and smaller, which can display higher-definition graphics images and video. It can also display more Video and image pictures, especially in the application of image splicing, can be seamlessly and arbitrarily large-area splicing. Let's take a look at what to pay attention to when buying a small-pitch . Keep pace with the editor, don't get lost. Comprehensive consideration of dot pitch, size and resolution Size and resolution are important factors for people to buy small-pitch LED screens. In actual operation, it is not that the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, and the better the actual application effect, but the comprehensive consideration of factors such as screen size and application environment. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution and the higher the price. Users should fully consider their application environment and program budget when purchasing products to avoid the dilemma of spending a lot of money but failing to achieve the expected results. Low brightness and high gray are the premise. In actual purchase, users can follow the principle that the more brightness levels that the human eye can recognize, the better. The so-called brightness level refers to the brightness level of an image that can be distinguished by the human eye from black to white. The more brightness levels are recognized, the larger the color space of the display screen, the greater the potential for displaying rich colors, and the more vivid the colors of the video playback and the higher the saturation. Resolution: Pay attention to matching with the back-end signal transmission. For small-pitch LED displays, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, and the higher the picture clarity. However, in actual operation, industry users want to build well For the small-pitch system, while paying attention to the resolution of the screen itself, it must also consider its matching with the back-end signal transmission products. 3. The effect of the small-pitch How is the effect of the small-pitch ? The small-pitch has the characteristics of high refresh, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no image retention, and low power consumption. It is not reflective for indoor applications and has a display contrast of up to 5000:1, which is especially suitable for scheduling, conferences, and studios. , Security and other fields. The editor here reminds: When we choose , don’t choose blindly because of the price. It should be based on our own situation, not necessarily high-priced, and low-priced is not good. Needs to choose the right product.
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