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Precautions for using the touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-20
Rongguan is a professional manufacturer of touch screens, which are very convenient to use and operate. We use touch screens to replace the mouse and keyboard. The touch screen has evolved from the previous single-point touch to the current multi-point touch screen. The main touch screen produced by Rongguan is 10-point touch. The use of G+G touch screen requires the following points: 1. The front of the touch screen product is glass, and the silk screen color is generally seen; the back is the functional film, and the silk screen silver paste can be seen. 2. The G+G touch screen is made of glass, and the front is generally polished with chamfered edges, which is relatively smooth; the functional glass on the back is generally not polished, so please pay attention to the operation. 3. The touch screen is fragile glass. Don't apply strong impact to the touch screen when assembling. 4. The cable of the touch screen is in contact with the glass. Do not take the product directly through the cable to avoid pulling the cable. 5. The cable reinforcement board cannot be bent. 6. The cable is also the circuit board, no half-folding is allowed in any part. 7. When assembling, the cable must be inserted horizontally, and cannot be inserted in half at the root of the reinforcing plate. 8. When picking and placing the touch screen, a single piece of operation is required, and handle with care to avoid product collisions and scratches on the product surface. 9. When cleaning the surface of the product, please wipe it with a dust-free cloth dipped in petroleum ether. 10. Do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the touch screen film. Such as industrial alcohol. The above is the experience of the editor in the touch screen factory. If you need to know more about it, please contact Rongguan and a professional engineer will help you solve it.
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