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Precautions for using capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-10-28
Everyone knows that most of our touch products currently use capacitive touch screens. So what are the precautions that can better extend the life of the touch screen? Precautions for the use of capacitive touch screens The advent of the era of electronic products has promoted the development of various resistive screens. So what is a capacitive touch screen? Next, the editor will learn from the following two aspects. The capacitive touch screen is a transparent special metal conductive material attached to the surface of the glass. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the electric shock will change. , Let the frequency of the oscillator connected between them change, and the touch position can be determined to obtain information by measuring the frequency change. Let’s take a look at what are the precautions for the capacitive touch screen? The scanning speed is defined as the speed at which the touch screen controller scans the touch screen. According to the characteristics of touch keys, a keystroke will exceed 20mS. Then, as long as you scan once within 20mS, you will be able to scan the touch. In the process of touching, the fingers will sweat. When a device with a resistive screen enters a warmer place from a colder place, a layer of water mist will appear on the surface of the touch screen. It is required that the touch screen can be used normally in both cases. For devices using resistive screens, the working environment is very different, and the suitable temperature range must be wide, otherwise it may cause the user to remain unchanged. Generally, the working temperature range of resistive screen is -20℃-70℃. The resistive screen will age during use. The performance of the aging touch screen will decrease. The resistive screen system must be able to correct the general aging so that it can be used normally and prolong the life of the system.
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