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Precautions for choosing indoor LED displays in large hotels and supermarkets

by:Toponetech     2021-05-19
At present, more and more LED display screens are entering indoors, especially large hotels and large supermarkets, which are more favored by advertisers. So what are the requirements for large-scale hotels to use indoor full-color screens? The indoor P5 screen of Continental Grand Hotel is in the indoor environment, and the large full-color electronic display with an area larger than 5m² mainly has three choices: ordinary rear projection, DLP (digital liquid crystal rear projection) and LED display. The advantages of rear-projection displays are small pixels and high definition, but the disadvantages are low brightness, small viewing angle, and short lens lamp life (only a few thousand hours). The advantage of plasma splicing is that the pixels are small and the definition is high. The disadvantage is that there are seams. The smallest seam can reach 1mm. Rear projection and plasma displays are suitable for closer viewing. The advantage of indoor LED display is high brightness and no seams. The disadvantage is that the pixel particles are coarser and the definition is low. At present, the density of commercial indoor full-color LED displays is up to P4, which is 62500 pixels/m2. The LED display is suitable for indoor places where the viewing distance is relatively long. The key issues that should be considered when choosing an indoor LED display are as follows: 1. Real pixels and virtual pixels. Like outdoor full-color screens, the number of pixels of indoor full-color screens is also divided into real pixels and virtual pixels. 2. Die core. As with outdoor full-color screens, it is generally recommended that the blue tube and green tube of the indoor full-color screen adopt Silan Mingxin tube cores, and the red tube adopts optical Lei or Guangjia tube core. For high-end products, it is recommended to use Nihon Asia and American CREE dies. 3. Package form. The LED surface forms of the indoor full-color LED display include single lamp, sub-surface mount, three-in-one surface mount, and three-in-one surface mount, with different appearances. The advantages of surface mount packaging are large viewing angle, good luminous consistency, and easy automatic welding process. It is the mainstream product of full-color LED screens, but the price is relatively high; the single-lamp viewing angle is relatively small, the brightness is slightly higher, and the price is lower. The sub-surface mount is actually a kind of single lamp. Both single lamp and sub-surface mount are cheaper and are a transitional product. 4. Density. Because indoor full-color LED chips generate a lot of heat and control circuit density is high, the dot density of commercial full-color screens cannot be made very high. There are mainly P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, etc. . 5. Drive mode. The driving method of indoor full-color touch display is constant current driving, and adopts dynamic scanning method (mainly 1/4, 1/8 scanning methods). In the case of the same die, more circuits are used for 1/4 scanning, and the brightness is also higher. The above are the precautions for choosing indoor LED displays for large hotels and supermarkets introduced by the technicians of Optoelectronics. When choosing a suitable indoor LED display, you must consider the practicality from several aspects, and then choose the appropriate one for use!
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