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Precautions for buying indoor LED large screens

by:Toponetech     2021-04-17
1. Please don't just look at the price when buying large screens. Price may be an important factor affecting the sales of LED large screens. Although everyone understands the principle of getting what you pay for, you still won’t choose LED electronic screen manufacturers. Consciously move closer to lower prices. The huge price difference causes customers to ignore quality. But in the actual use process, you may only remember that the price difference is actually the quality gap. Indoor LED large screen price 2. The same model of the display is not necessarily the same product. In the process of selling large LED screens, I often meet customers and ask why your price is so much higher than others for the same model of display. Because quotations to customers are reported in accordance with the company's channel prices. It was discovered by chance that the so-called products of the same model are actually different. 3. Technical specifications are not as high as possible. Generally, customers who purchase LED displays will select several manufacturers for evaluation, and then decide on LED large-screen suppliers. The two important items in the evaluation are price and technical parameters. In the case of similar prices, technical parameters become winners and losers. Many customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display. Is that actually the case? For a simple example, the same indoor P4 full-color display, in the brightness value of the display. Some manufacturers will write 2000cd/square meter, and some manufacturers will write 1200cd/square meter. Is that 2000 better than 1200? The answer is not necessarily, because indoor touch display brightness requirements are not high, generally between 800-1500. If the brightness is too high, it will dazzle the eyes and affect the viewing. In terms of service life, too high brightness can easily overdraw the display life in advance. Therefore, the reasonable use of brightness is the correct answer, not that the higher the brightness, the better. 4. Display production and testing are not as short as possible. Many customers who buy LED full-color displays just place an order and want to get the goods right away. This mood is very understandable, but the large LED screen is a customized product, and it needs at least 48 hours of inspection and testing after the production is completed.
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