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Pattern of the global touch panel - and how to deal with?

by:Toponetech     2020-08-12
Crown teck crown teck group, construction science and technology park and group headquarters office building, about 80 acres of land for the project, industrial park area of 30000 square meters, the purification workshop 20000 square meters, the group headquarters office building 30000 square meters. With annual production capacity of up to 20 million PCS touch screen, two touch screen laboratory. Crown teck group has always been adhering to the principle of the innovation as the core, to the service to promote the development, actively improve the quality of products. Cause the sharp sell touch panel to hon hai, panasonic also recently announced 8. Five generations factory will totally 32 inch LCD TV panel, it marks the Japanese panel factory will fully withdraw from the large size panel TV market, at this point of 'Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan' the iron triangle pattern to unravel. With the Japanese gone from bad to worse in contrast to display industry, along with our country high multiple generation LCD panel production line has been put into production, our country has become the important production base of panel. However, in our country the acceleration shock the global peak display industry, the hon hai's acquisition of sharp, but let in one kilometer 'after' in our country is becoming more difficult. In this situation, our country how to face the new challenge? In recent years, the rapid rise of liquid crystal panel industry in China. By 2016, TFT - LCD panel according to the area to calculate shipments to the world, more than 20% global market share, industry overall size of more than 300 billion yuan, the turned the TV panel imports. In Beijing Oriental giant, huaxing photoelectric and cec panda panel, with the layout in 2018 ~ 2019, TFT - in mainland China LCD scale of production capacity is expected to catch up with South Korea, as the world. However, in the flat display industry fast development today, the global panel industry pattern is happening. Nowadays, the global display industry presents the highlighting of the stage, panel makers of the nation, and the rapid development of the new display technology, let Chinese panel makers face a bigger challenge. Currently display industry is facing great challenges, such as excess capacity, alternative technology, etc. , but I think the challenge means opportunity. Flexible display, VR, intelligent products such as mirror, though it looks not very mature, but these new supplies are constantly emerging, these are the display industry facing one of the important development opportunities. According to industry in China have lead the basis and conditions. First of all, from the point of the market, our country is the world's large consumer market, electronic information products is also important manufacturing base; Secondly, from the technology, on the TFT technology accumulation, our country has entered the international advanced level; Later, from the point of the industrial chain, our country has begun to cultivate a group of form a complete set of upstream enterprises with core independent intellectual property rights, at the same time is also partly realized the materials and equipment matching. However, in the face of these opportunities, to show industry in China rapid development, there are certain constraints. Panel, our collaborative innovation of industry chain as key enterprise cooperative innovation mode is not set up, and the strength of the government in the investment needs to be strengthened and sustained. The so-called collaborative innovation, revolves around the industrial chain to deploy the innovation chain, including the material of the upstream, midstream device panel, to the downstream terminal application. As of 2015, our country in the display industry investment of nearly 500 billion yuan, of which 400 billion yuan of above are panel investment, upstream materials and equipment investment is less than 100 billion yuan, can be seen from the data, China's industrial chain is not strong enough, so the next step in China's main job is deployed around the industry chain innovation. In addition, also arrange capital chain around innovation chain in our country, our country has 2015 production of panel production line 22, whether government money in the future direction, or guide the innovation development of the enterprise funds, must be on the panel technology, panel backbone enterprises as the core, materials and equipment to extend upwards. Current global display industry presents the situation of four 'three kingdoms' according to the analysis of the turnover in 2014 and 2015, the global mainstream panel makers turnover has exceeded the billions of dollars mark, turnover in China present a sharp growth, China mainland shows that industry over the years there is a rapid growth process, gradually enhance its competitiveness and influence. From the area, mainland China mainstream panel makers delivery area in 2015 year-on-year growth of 44%, a sharp and in Japan, Taiwan delivery area is also fell. China, South Korea, China Taiwan a new pattern of the iron triangle will be formed, the whole display industry competition will be the strong competition, competition is more intense. Crown teck pattern changes in the face of the market should be how to deal with? First crown teck has been has been honesty, commitment to customers, good service every customer, and customers to reach a good relationship; , crown teck in line with strives for the survival by the quality of the idea, the strict control of product quality, to ensure customer every product yes, without any defects; Third, the crown with science and technology innovation as the development of core capability, develop the new technology and new products, promote the development of science and technology. Pattern of change is also a crisis, crisis also represent opportunities, only by working hard can we keep up with the development of the industry innovation, ability won't eliminated by the market.
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