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pa. offers nation\'s first wine vending machines

by:Toponetech     2020-04-18
Brush your driver\'s license, look at the camera, blow in the breathing sensor, and then-voila! -
You can buy a bottle of wine at the vending machine.
Pennsylvania has the most Byzantine court-style liquor laws in the United States. S.
Recently, the country\'s first wine \"kiosks Pavilion\" was launched \".
\"If the machine test of the two grocery stores is successful, the state liquor control board can
Technology-based alcohol automatic devices for about 100 people.
Does anyone want to buy wine like this?
The answer seems to be yes.
Customers who use the machine at a large supermarket outside Harrisburg are pleased that it can become a permanent fixture.
Popular news debate highlights missing student deaths Missouri abortion clinic shooting \"mastermind\" arrested
Stop Shopping, \"said Darby Golec of Enola, 28.
\"It would be nice to have everything in one area.
\"Vending machines prove the miracle of technology and the obscurity of Penn\'s complex liquor laws.
Individuals can only buy wine and liquor in the state for household consumption
It has a store consisting of public employees.
Private beer dealers only sell boxes and barrels.
Licensed corner shops, delicatessens, bars and restaurants can sell beer, but only two bottles of beer can be sold at most
Package per customer.
Many attempts to reform have been rejected by special interest groups that intend to retain some of their interests.
So, under the state\'s postal policy, simply storing Chianti and cabernet on supermarket shelves is not an option
Prohibition of alcohol.
The liquor council is trying to become more consumers.
Friendly relations in recent years, including 19 opening games
Service status store in supermarket.
The board touted the kiosks Pavilion as another step towards modernization.
\"In today\'s busy society, this adds more convenience,\" Patrick Stapleton, chairman of the liquor board, said in a statement.
Not everyone is swallowing that line.
Craig Wolfe, president and CEO of wine and spirits wholesalers in the United States, questioned the efficacy of these machines in preventing sales to minors.
Keith Wallace, president and founder of the Philadelphia Wine Institute, also described the kiosks
With good heart, limited choice, Big Brother\'s string outside and.
\"The process is very troublesome, the worst among Penn wine consumers --
Wallace wrote in an email: \"We are a group of people who indulge in underage drunkards
Email to The Associated Press\"(Liquor board)
If members think that these machines provide any value to consumers, they are clearly out of the way. \"Conshohocken-
Offering free kiosks based on simple brands in exchange for the ability to sell ads on affiliated apartmentsScreen monitor.
While the wine is kept at room temperature, these machines are about the size of four big refrigerators. An ATM-
The type device is located at one end.
Customers choose wine when they touch
Screen display, sliding ID, impact alcohol sensor (
No need to contact the machine)
Look at the surveillance camera.
A state employee in Harrisburg remotely approved the sale after verifying that the buyer matched the photo ID.
The process takes 20 seconds, state officials say.
Kiosks Pavilion accepts credit or debit cards only and is not open on Sundays and holidays.
A $1 \"convenience fee\" will be added after the pilot phase \".
The machine received a warm reception at the giant, the customer asked a lot of questions and carefully read the brochure describing 53 available wines from Malbeck, Argentina to Melo, California.
Jim Lesser, president of simple brands, expects connoisseurs to not have much business, but they are not the target group.
\"They were developed for regular consumers and they wanted to drink a good bottle of wine with steak and seafood,\" says Lesser . \".
Beer vending machines are available in Japan and Europe, but Lesser says
In the United States, the concept of providing alcoholic beverages may not work. S. until now.
Today, he noted that Americans use kiosks from the purchase of movie tickets to the check-in of aircraft.
The exit survey showed customers like wine kiosks were easy to use and early sales exceeded expectations, Lesser said.
Eventually, he said, the machines could appear in other states.
The trade union chairman, Wendell Yang Si, who represents state wine shop workers, expects some new work, from remote camera staffing to kiosk kiosks.
The number of jobs depends on sales, he said.
Local wineries are watching the move closely.
Penn host Lee Miller
Chaddsford Winery, based, said she would support anything that might boost sales.
\"If they don\'t put it on the shelf, I think it\'s a good way to provide wine to people,\" Miller said . \".
Bob Mazza, owner of The Mazza vineyard near Erie, was disappointed that none of the state\'s approximately 120 wineries represented at the kiosks Pavilion.
\"You will think they will agree with the idea of supporting the local industry,\" Mazza said . \".
Witey Witalec, spokeswoman for the Liquor Control Board, said the machines had mature sellers during the pilot period and would be re-listed
Evaluate based on customer feedback.
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