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Outdoor single color LED display garbled words

by:Toponetech     2021-02-21
Outdoor single color LED display garbled words? Some outdoor display screen in the process of using, especially the outdoor walk single color LED display, you will be presented with the statement. Garbled words how should solve? Small make up a simple problem may cause analysis. 1. Leaking into the water problem in the first place, LED display garbled words associated with leaking, mostly because of the rain measures shall not when, after the rain water immersion. Shorting circuit boards to form the code. If that happens, built just looking for a supplier or manufacturer maintenance immediately. 2. Data transmission problem output to the screen of the brain control circuit fault, check the screen power supply and signal input part. As damage control system board, such as damage, damage to the cable, connect the cable interface, can cause outdoor displays the code. 3. Wiring problems beyond a power supply, test module, power supply is normal (bad place If not normal is the first piece of dark light 80% of power supply has a problem) 。 4. Software or control card problem LED display parameters are not set well, this time will need to determine the scan configuration issues, general is 1/4 sweep; If it's not a software problem, check control card problem; Then get bad, only contact service solution. 0 a full-color LED display screen of flowers on how to solve a common on the market under the four categories of screen splicing technology advantages and disadvantages
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