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Outdoor LED display is leaking? You have to be like this

by:Toponetech     2021-02-16
LED electronic display screen if you use environment is outdoors, it will face many challenges. LED display will be subject to high temperature, cold wave, strong wind, rain, such as bad weather, don't do a good job in these aspects of the safe operation of the display will be impossible. Small make up small make up today to tell you something about how to install the LED electronic display will not leaking problem. 01 add back for sealant has many friends to graph save trouble, put the outdoor LED display without the back or back not dozen sealant, so time is long, the electronic components will be water, gradually LED display can be a problem. And electronic components is the most afraid of water, water once in line, will trigger circuit burned, these can solve the problem must not ignore. 02 a slack mouth if LED electronic display screen and back together, slack mouth must be hit below; The so-called slack mouth is used for leaks. No matter how tightly combined LED display front and back, after years of, there is still more or less water, if there is no leaking hole under the mouth, water will pile up over time, if the leaking hole, water outflow, so can have very good waterproof effect, to extend the service life of LED display is also good. 03 circuit of LED electronic display, install the plug connection must choose the right wire, generally adhere to peaceful big not small principle, namely good LED display the total number of watts, select a little bit big wire, it is best not to choose just the right or the wire is too small, so it is easy to cause line burned, which affects the safe running of the LED display. Summary above is small make up to summarize the method of how to install the LED display can not leak, the hope can give the broad masses of friends when installing a display for a reference. 1 a watch loses! LED chip six problems are often encountered in the next article will not choose stage rental LED display? Some open to see see
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