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Operation of the capacitance screen need to pay attention to

by:Toponetech     2020-08-01
Capacitive touch screen technology is to use the working current of induction of human body. Capacitive touch to achieve multi-touch, rely on is to increase the mutual capacitance electrode, simply put, is to screen block, in every region set up a set of mutual capacitance modules are independent, so the capacitance screen can detect a touch of the regional independence, after processing, simply realize multi-touch. Operating system and touch points can realize multi-touch operating systems are now a WIN 7, doing, Android, touch index and depends on the touch screen touch IC, such as now we used two kinds of touch IC, SIS scheme can achieve up to 10 refers to the touch, EETI scheme can achieve up to 10 refers to the touch. Other operating systems such as Windows XP, Linux, Windows ce etc. Because of the limits of the operating system itself, can only achieve single refers to the touch. Each operating system driver situation for the moment, from drive the operating system is Windows 7 and doing, plug and play, and other operating systems all needs to install the driver. The driver is roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is. Exe executable program, you can double-click the install driver file directly, this driver is applicable to the XP operating system. Driver code file for Windows ce, Linux, Android operating system, installation is relatively complex. When using need to pay attention to what is due to the capacitive touch touch the surface by detecting the change of capacitance signal to realize touch function, is vulnerable to the interference of external electromagnetic environment, so should let the capacitance screen away from disturbance sources as far as possible, and the interference sources mainly from the LCD panel and power supply. When installed, suggest that larger capacitance screen and liquid crystal screen saver with 1. More than 5 mm spacing, power also suggested that try to choose better quality power, in order to prevent the interference signal is too strong and unable to touch. When single TP make test. Please first mat under the TP insulating material ( Such as foam, etc. ) Test again, and in the process of testing mobile TP or pull out plug FPC need to pull out the plug a USB cable, so as to guarantee the normal touch. Touch the effect is not ideal. For the first time send samples out sometimes touch the effect is not ideal, such as the jumping point, break line, the phenomenon such as slow response, please don't try so hard, because the sample is only for single TP for debugging, may be different from the machine environment, need for the whole machine is optimized. Damaged TP operation is not standard, because of TP on the back of the line is directly exposed in the outside, it is easy to damage by hard objects, so the TP light put, the only, please. In addition, FPC is a vulnerable area, folding strength wants downy, as far as possible avoid the occurring of death to fold.
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