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Only can not to do: touch the new application of 'car touch screen key'

by:Toponetech     2020-08-11
CES in Las Vegas 2015, BMW group shows a new embedded with touch screen smart car keys, cooperate with the intelligent equipment models on display is the future of science and technology innovation of the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. As a result, the BMW connected drive shows have covered the computer interface, on-board terminals, mobile phones, smart watches, car keys five screens, the fall of 2015, BMW Internet users is expected to take the lead in driving into the era of '5' screen. A brand new BMW smart car keys into a piece of 2. 2 inches LCD ( LCD) Display, the user can slide along the touch screen, check the fuel oil level, whether the battery electric range, doors and Windows closed, and the information such as maintenance is due. BMW car keys, of course, the rich routine function also must keep: vehicles unlocked, locking, engine starting secure identification, long press the lock key, long press the unlock button to close all the doors Windows opened all the doors Windows, etc. The new intelligent key cabinet design, the manipulation of the handle of beautiful and simple information read performance as a whole. Crystal display using the same as the smart phone screen, and through a lithium ion battery power supply. Stored data transmission is used and in key lock or unlock the vehicle when the same radio signals; When the vehicle is located in the key role in radio range, the data can be updated. Keys can charge the battery in the car seat by induction ( Non-contact way) Charging, or through the Micro USB interface. The intelligent energy management system can ensure that the key function in the case of the battery doesn't charge to use at least three months.
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