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On the Importance of Clean Room in Top One Tech Industrial Capacitive Touch Monitor Production Process

On the Importance of Clean Room in Top One Tech Industrial Capacitive Touch Monitor Production Process


We will discuss the importance of clean rooms in the production of industrial capacitive touch displays. Let's start with the definition. A clean room is not simply defined as a clean space. In fact, it has a special definition from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is a room that controls the concentration of airborne particles, constructed and used to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of airborne particles in the room, and to control other relevant parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity as required .

The clean room is an important facility in the production process of industrial capacitive touch displays, which requires high cleanliness of the production environment. Small contaminants must be controlled at a finer level, especially particles 1 micron or smaller, which can cause loss of functionality or potentially reduce product shelf life. In addition, the clean room maintains hygienic conditions in the processing area, eliminating dust, particles and microorganisms from the air. This, in turn, improves product quality and ensures efficient production. As you can see in the image below, the staff in the clean room wear special clean clothes.

touch monitor clean room in shenzhen

1. Clean room classification

Cleanliness classes are defined in terms of the maximum number of particles allowed per unit volume. An ISO class 1 clean room has the highest cleanliness, while an ISO class 9 clean room has the lowest cleanliness. To be more explicit, in a typical urban environment, the ambient air outside may contain as many as 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter, 0.5 microns in diameter and above, corresponding to an ISO Class 9 clean room. However, ISO Class 1 cleanrooms only allow 12 particles per cubic meter with a diameter of 0.3 microns and smaller.

2. Clean room in Shenzhen Top One Tech

Top One Tech's clean room covers a large area, allowing 4 to 8 workers to work at the same time. This means we can provide a total capacity of 50,000 pieces per month. The current production capacity is 5 times that of the previous one. Top One Tech's cleanroom cleanliness rating is ISO 9. With such standards, we ensure that every product that leaves our company will have no doubts about its quality.


3. The key to a clean room

An effective air filtration system in a resilient clean room is the key to keeping the production department running efficiently. To ensure the required standards are met, pre-filters remove dirt and dust that the human eye can actually see, and HEPA filters capture tiny particles that cannot be seen. To prevent contaminants from entering the room in the first place, a pressurized environment is created by introducing air in the ceiling, after passing through a fan-driven HEPA filter. This creates more air pressure than outside, which in turn pushes contaminants out of the clean room through vents in the lower part of the wall. To give you an idea of what clean room air purification means, imagine that the entire air is replaced and cleaned more often than once a minute.


4. Additional measures to ensure required standards

Top One Tech uses special lighting, walls, equipment and other materials to minimize the generation of airborne particles. At the same time strictly control the temperature and humidity. Non-ESD (Electrostatic Protection) protection is strictly prohibited. Therefore, everything in the clean room is ESD. Everything and floors need to be cleaned with special ESD equipment. Cleaning is done directly after production and with CR professional cleaning tools 30 minutes before production begins.

touch monitor manufacturer

As you'd expect at Top One Tech's cleanroom workshop, our team members are always dressed in cleanroom clothing, including hair covers, shoe covers, smocks, and masks. We provide a separate area for dressing. Additionally, staff must enter and leave through the air shower. This helps to minimize the carry-over of particulate matter by personnel entering the clean room. Our workflow is designed in a streamlined and efficient manner. All components enter from a specific window and exit after all necessary assembly and packaging have been completed in a controlled environment.

Through the above elaboration, I hope everyone has a preliminary understanding of the characteristics and importance of the clean room workshop of the industrial capacitive touch display.

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