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Not only mobile phones, automotive, computer with capacitive touch screen

by:Toponetech     2020-06-22
In recent years companies such as apple, touch screen products, great changes have taken place, but China is also gradually become the manufacturing and consumption. Crown teck as leading domestic enterprises, crown teck in order to meet the needs of customers, we grasp the deep 'strives for the survival by the quality, to serve and promote development' approach to track the market dynamics and adjust their strategy. Mr Bao technology maintained close relations with customers, and closely follow the market demand. Through our continuous efforts, launch new products and update the existing system to cope with the changing market demand. Thanks to the fervor of smart phones, the concept of the capacitive touch screen has become the focus of concern of the user and market technical personnel, with the aid of the apple still is sending out the forerunner of the wind, now in various fields, the concept of capacitive touch screen is like nature itself, as common, we use the mobile phone has become the big beneficiaries of the computer, car navigation, field of new energy vehicles, and so on have also started to as capacitive touch convenient operation concept began to the horizon. Capacitive touch screen manufacturing principle: TeTi induction with life on the screen charge mobile. These charges from the wire around the touch screen through to touch IC, analysis of charge mobile in its foot on the formation of the current location. Relative to the market was all the rage, resistive touch screens of capacitive touch technology demand is higher, the collocation of existing ideas, accuracy has reached 99%, also have on material completely scratch-resistant glass material, and to a certain extent, with the purpose of protecting effect, about the display effect, the damage resistance, durability, light transmittance, sensitivity, precision and so on pragmatic perspective, capacitance screen also has its own unique innovation, although expensive, but still became the dominant application technology on the market today. Forward-looking industry research institute in 2009, according to data from the capacitive touch screen accounted for about 29% of the touch-screen market, accounted for 68%, resistive touch screens and associated with capacitive screen continuous extension of the concept of in-depth, and intelligence about the future of electronic digital products planning as a whole, capacitive touch screen has accounted for 52% in 2012, and fell to the resistive touch screens market account for 44% of the ratio. For capacitive touch screen in the aspects of quality, performance and user experience superiority, coupled with the improvement of technical level and the rate of rise gradually, some predict future capacitance screen market share will reach 100%, completely replace the market position of resistive touch screens. As mentioned above, the practical application of capacitive touch screen experience, we have been on the phone to witness, fluency, accuracy, sensitivity, convenience, need not I say more, every day in the hands of play has been known, about computer applications, Microsoft's surface has given a good explanation, the future of the notebook manufacturers still walk but practical touch surface technology planning concept. For vehicle navigation, now the development of a certain extent, resistive touch screens have suddenly stopped, the original factory, after market navigation manufacturers are also has been set for the convenience of the capacitive touch screen the development room, BMW, mercedes-benz system experience in this we will not say more, I believe you already knew by heart, after the market also appeared a lot of capacitive touch screen.
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