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New products listed! Top One Tech 43-inch touch monitor series is here!

New products listed! Top One Tech 43-inch touch monitor series is here!


There is less than a month left before 2022. Seizing the tail of 2021, Top One Tech officially released an announcement: The large 43-inch touch monitor that everyone has been paying attention to for a long time is already on sale!

Today, the editor will continue to chat with you about the 43-inch touch monitor, a core issue you care about:What are its most significant advantages?

43" touch monitor



1. The internal and external design is more in line with industrial standards

Based on the advantages of Top One Tech's independent mold opening, the 43-inch touch monitor not only has a more "industrial" design style, but also has a higher-end texture. It can be used in various light and heavy industrial scenes. The internal wiring layout is more in line with industrial grade. Using high standards and doing both internally and externally is the "real upgrade"!


2. The opening size meets more requirements

In view of the diversified characteristics of use scenarios, different consoles, intelligent equipment, production heavy machinery equipment, etc. can be easily installed with the reserved multi-holes for the installation of touch monitors.

Touch monitor back cover



3. More choices of installation methods

Speaking of diversification, the requirements for the installation method of this touch monitor are also the same. From production line transformation, electronic billboards, to machine tools and production monitoring rooms, the installation methods of these industrial scenes are different.

The installation method of this touch display is mainly characterized by universal type. Industrial scenes require commonly used embedded (inline/external embedded), wall-mounted, cantilever, desktop, and horizontal shutter installation methods. All products can be satisfied and supported!

4. Multiple video output ports make it more expandable

The touch display introduced this time has significant advantages in interface upgrades. The three video output interfaces of VGA\DVI\HDMI adopt aviation interface standards and have the characteristics of anti-falling, anti-rust, anti-poor contact and other sturdy and durable features.

At the same time, the new product also reserves USB and RS232 interfaces to help users solve multiple interface requirements or use  with external devices.

touch monitor port



5. Configuration selection is more suitable for heavy industry applications

The 43-inch touch display continues the advantages of using Top One Tech's self-developed motherboard. The standard configuration motherboard has low power consumption and strong stability, which can guarantee the 24h trouble-free and stable operation of the production line and automation equipment.

At the same time, in application scenarios with high operating requirements such as smart production line upgrades, machine vision inspection, and intelligent SOP for workshop stations, the 43-inch touch display can support configuration upgrade customization, interface customization, appearance customization, etc., environmental adaptability and industrial software/systems Compatibility is upgraded again!


6. Multi-touch, more powerful performance

High-quality panel with high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, anti-glare treatment (chemical etching), externally reinforced cover glass, 10-finger multi-touch capacitive touch, A+ quality LED backlight panel, suitable for harsh environments Threaded connection.

43 inch touch monitor


7. Stronger application advantages of supporting products in industrial scenes

Based on the comprehensive performance of the upgraded product again, the 43-inch touch display can be widely used in game/casino systems, outdoor and indoor information kiosks, entertainment, transportation and ticketing, banking and other industry supporting equipment fields, and has a more significant competitive advantage in the scene application market.

In general, the 43-inch touch monitor newly launched by Top One Tech this time aims to solve more practical application pain points for users and help more customers realize the transformation of comprehensive touch intelligence!

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