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New application of led electronic display industry

by:Toponetech     2021-05-25
New applications in the led display industry, led electronic displays are now widely used in all walks of life, providing a good transmission for real-time data display of important national departments. With unparalleled effects, the led electronic display has been applied to the military, banks, securities, multinational companies, as small as the company, chain stores, etc., and daily information can be displayed on the led electronic display in real time. The led electronic display facilitates policy publicity and publicizes the national policies, laws, regulations and rules on coal mine safety production. It is the responsibility of the coal mine safety supervision department. Through active and effective safety knowledge publicity, it plays a role in preventing problems before they occur.
How to set rolling captions on led electronic display
How to change the settings of the captions of the led rolling caption display: 1 Connect the and the computer through the serial cable to change the word, open the display control software, set the screen parameters, edit the font of the program, and click send. There is a column in the software menu to change the word through a USB flash drive. Click USB to download. The method to change the setting parameters and the subtitle of the internal led rolling caption display: 1. Connect the led display and the computer through the serial line to change the word, and turn on the display Screen control software, set the screen parameters, edit the font of the program, and click send. 2. Change the word through the USB flash drive. There is a column in the software menu, click USB to download, and save the setting parameters and content to the USB flash drive. It's okay. When changing the program, copy the content directly with a U disk and get it on the touch display for replacement. 3. Use the mobile phone (or remote control) to change the words and edit the short message to send and change the ad subtitles.
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