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natraj hall: fdcm buys touch screens for rs 33l sans tender process | nagpur news - times of india

by:Toponetech     2020-03-13
Nagpur: Maharashtra Forest Development Company (FDCM), a wholly-
State-owned government companies engaged in the destruction of high-tech
Value forest solves another dispute by ordering four LED touch screen monitors at a cost of approximately one city\'s Rs33 lakh-
There is no base company for any bidding.
According to the TI act, information has been received on the application submitted by consumer rights activist Avinash Prabhune.
The purchase of expensive interactive LED touch screens without bidding means not only financial irregularities, but also a violation of the procurement rules guidelines issued by the government in December 30, 2015.
GR said that any purchase of Rs3 lakh and above will be made through e-tendering.
Procurement of touch screen for general manager and general manager (CGMâx80x99s)
Although the FDCM is already equipped with the latest projector for the conference and does not require an expensive touch screen display, the conference hall remains.
Prabhune questioned FDCM\'s move.
From the company, the big-
In order to survive, cutting down trees around the tiger corridor, this serious violation is unacceptable.
The FDCM has secretly covered up Rs4 crore financial violations for more than 25 years identified in the audit.
Email must be followed by any government office
Tender procedure for any shop purchase that exceeds the Rs3 lakh amount.
However, the Office of the FDCM md placed an order with the city on September 7, 2016 --
Online computer for purchasing materials worth Rs33 lakhs.
At the time of placing an order, government rates under the director of supply and disposal (DGS & D)
Not approved
The interest rate contract expired in May 2016.
However, the order was placed on September 2016 and there was no rate contract at that time.
Therefore, e-must be followed-
Prabhune said bidding procedures for purchasing materials.
Two of the 4 LED touch screen displays were provided in October 2016, and the bill was submitted in a copy, according to rrti.
With respect to these bills, the fdcm\'s financial advisor made an objection because the procedure was not followed until the order was placed.
At this point, even before
Dr. Suresh Gairola directed approval from the board of directors of FDCM (BoD)
Purchase before payment.
Gairola also canceled the order for the remaining two LEDs in December 2016.
At the board meeting held on December 30, 2016, it was decided to seek legal advice from the FDCM consultant.
The legal opinion of the MM Sudame of the Fdcm Dess team required the cancellation of the order on the grounds that the purchased item was not branded and therefore required financial procedures but was not complied.
Sudame also advised that only two of the four screens were supplied and the orders for the remaining two were canceled, which in itself indicated that senior officials firmly believed that, procurement in this way is illegal and therefore should be canceled immediately.
Prabhune said from the document, obviously, how is the cash
The strapped FDCM violates the rules and guidelines for stores to buy expensive items.
It was alleged that a board meeting was held on March 23 to approve a bill for local companies.
The current MD Umesh Agrawal did not respond to the TOI call.
He also did not reply to the text message sent to him.
Secretary of principal (forests)
Vikas Kharge is also slow to respond.
CS Chandel, chairman of FDCM, said the materials must be ordered in accordance with the rate contract.
A few days after the order is placed, the order price contract may become invalid, so there is a problem.
However, if this violates the legal opinions and rules, we will also refuse bills and contracts, said Chandel.
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