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Multi-touch technology makes the development of touch display further

Multi-touch technology makes the development of touch display further


With the increasing progress of touch technology, the application of touch monitors in the market is becoming more and more popular, and the application fields are also expanding. With the continuous improvement of multi-touch technology, it is gradually applied to the touch monitor, making the function of the touch monitor more powerful, and the development prospects are even brighter.


21" touch monitor 

As the most popular electronic touch display on the market, touch monitors are mainly used to provide people with simpler, more convenient, fast and practical functional services. Unlike traditional computer monitors, touch monitors do not require keyboards and mice to operate. , People only need to connect the touch monitor to the host and touch the screen with their fingers to operate.


So, what are the advantages and characteristics of multi-touch technology? The editor of Top One Tech, a manufacturer of touch monitors, analyzes and answers for you.


How is multi-touch achieved?


Multi-touch technology can be realized because the human body itself has a high induced voltage, which will bring clutter interference or capacitive effect.


The multi-touch technology uses this to integrate the touch chip into the electronic device, and uses the capacitance effect of the human body, that is, the proximity of the human body will increase the capacitance, thereby changing the original oscillation frequency or changing the charging and discharging time of the RC circuit. The working principle of the chip is similar to that of the AD chip. It mainly converts the collected analog signal into a digital signal and runs it in the device.


The core component of multi-touch technology is the touch IC. Most touch chips are designed based on LLP technology, FTIR technology, ToughtLight technology and Optical Touch technology.


LLP technology

Infrared laser equipment is mainly used to project infrared rays onto the screen. When the screen is blocked, the infrared rays will be reflected, and the camera under the screen will capture the direction of the reflection.


FTIR technology

LED light will be added to the interlayer of the screen. When the user presses the screen, the interlayer light will cause different reflection effects. The sensor receives the change of light and captures the user's force point to react.

ToughtLight technology

Using projection, infrared rays are projected onto the screen. When the screen is blocked, the infrared rays will be reflected, and the camera under the screen will capture the direction of the reflection.

Optical Touch technology

A lens will be set up at both ends of the top of the screen to receive the user's gesture change and the position of the touch point, which will be converted into coordinates after calculation to react. These technologies are all realized based on the capacitance effect of the human body.


Multi-touch skills have their own common advantages:


1. Multi-point or multi-user interactive operation on the same display interface, abandoning the single-point operation method of keyboard and mouse.


2. Users can make single-point contact with both hands, or they can touch the screen with different gestures such as click, double-tap, pan, press, roll, and rotate, which evolves into control as they want, and then knows the target very well. Related features (video, text, image, 3D imitation, satellite image, etc.).


3. The response speed is fast, suitable for multi-person touch and click, and has a good experience effect.

PACP touch display 

Because of the continuous maturity and improvement of multi-touch technology, the operation performance of the touch monitor has become more powerful, and more functions can be realized, which promotes its application field to be expanded, takingg the development of the touch display in the market  to the next level.

Under the pervasive promotion and influence of touch monitors, multi-touch technology is rapidly becoming popular, leading the development trend of touch displays. Multi-touch displays have become a choice for many new uses such as self-service vending machines, advertising kiosks, ATMs and industrial machinery, and it has brought new opportunities for the retail industry.

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