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Multi-touch life more choice!

by:Toponetech     2020-07-01
Mobile phone, computer, TV, ATM machine, large business super advertising screen almost all have been used for touch screen. Now of the touch screen is divided into single point two, touch and multi-touch for crown teck take you easy to understand under these two kinds of touch technology. Single-point touch also called resistive touch, every time can only support and recognition of a finger touch and click, if at the same time, there are two or more than two points by touching, touch screen will not be able to make the right responses. The single point touch is of relative to multi-touch. Multi-touch is used together with the hardware implementation of human-computer interaction technology, can in no traditional input device ( The mouse, keyboard, etc. ) Under the environment of computer interactive operation. Multi-touch technology can constitute a touch screen, Such as screen, desktop, wall, etc. ) Or trackpad, are able to accept the human-computer interaction from multiple points on the screen to computer operation. Multi-touch devices using capacitive touch screen, can be more than a point at the same time touch for identification and make corresponding reaction.
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