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microsoft unveils its \'origami\' project - the laptop of the future

by:Toponetech     2020-04-10
Lighter than 0.
972 kg and seven-inch touch-
On the screen, the new PC will use the Intel microprocessor and run a modified version of the Win XP tablet version.
Seattle: Microsoft announced its paperback project on Thursday
Book-sized portable computers are a mix of laptops and many mobile devices, and the world\'s largest software manufacturer hopes this will create a whole new market.
Light than 2 pounds (0. 972 kilograms)with a seven-inch (17. 78-centimetre)touch-
Screen, new \"super
The mobile computer will use Intel\'s microprocessor.
And run a modified version of Microsoft\'s Windows XP tablet version.
Samsung ElectronicsLtd.
Taiwan ASUS Computer Co. , Ltd.
China\'s second largest PC
Founder Group maker is expected to release the first three ultra-
Microsoft mobile computer with code
Was named \"oriami\" in a well-planned marketing campaign \".
Samsung products will be available in South Korea in April.
The new machine connects wireless to the Internet and carries the complete
The size of the hard drives, but they are not intended to replace the current computer.
Microsoft\'s performance in promoting alternative PCs has been mixed.
Despite the strong support of founder Bill Gates, the tablet has yet to gain widespread traction.
No US-branded PC manufacturer has signed up to produce new devices with a battery life of about three hours, but Microsoft predicts a bright future for these devices.
\"We believe (ultra-mobile PCs)
In an interview on the company\'s website, Microsoft vice president Bill Mitchell said: \"It will eventually become as indispensable and ubiquitous as today\'s mobile phone . \".
\"The origami project is the first step in achieving our ambitious goals.
\"Microsoft says it has had discussions with a number of other PC and consumer electronics companies to expand the number of manufacturers.
The new PCs are expected to sell between $599 and $999, but Microsoft says it can sell one for $500 if manufacturers choose components carefully.
Microsoft created a website to sell \"origami\" with mysterious information such as \"Do you know me\" and \"Do you know what I can do \", this has sparked a frenzy that origami will challenge Apple.
Sony\'s iPod digital music player
Psp console.
Although the product does not directly compete with popular devices, Microsoft\'s goal is to use ultra-
Mobile PC models that include functions such as GPS, digital TV tuner or network camera.
\"People want to get more and more features on the go,\" said Otto bokes, general manager of Microsoft\'s mobile platform division . \".
The company admits that the battery life is supermobile PC.
Microsoft says its goal is to eventually have
Battery life.
\"This is the beginning of a category with many areas where additional investment is needed ---
Hardware and Software--
Realize the full potential of this category, \"Berkes said.
Microsoft says future models will run on Windows Vista.
Its flagship operating system will be launched in the second yearhalf of 2006.
The tablet allows people to write down information using a stylus or a digital pen instead of typing on a keyboard, which has been primarily for commercial users since its launch in 2002, but the new \"super\"
The mobile PC category seems to have pushed tablet technology into the consumer space.
This part of the PC market is not entirely new.
Fujitsu Japan Limited
San Francisco-based OQO Inc.
A small portable tablet for business users has been provided.
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