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Matters needing attention when using LED display in indoor environment

by:Toponetech     2021-06-17
The indoor LED display screen is a new carrier that is very competitive and visually attractive in the current advertising industry and other publicity. The advantages of energy saving and environmental protection during the use process are well received by users and information audiences. Recognition and favor. However, some users have encountered bad points on the LED display due to irregular operation during use. The domestic excellent indoor touch display research and development experts have summarized the following use precautions for the display damage caused by improper use by the operator Matters: 1. In order to prevent the large screen of the indoor LED display from appearing bright spots at the moment of power-on and burning the diodes, which results in the display of broken pixels, when using the display, please follow the instructions of turning on the screen first, turning off the screen first, and then turning off the screen. Operation rules. 2. The indoor LED display should pay close attention to its temperature changes when it takes a long time to run. If the temperature of the display is too high, try to physically cool down or suspend work so that it can appropriately reduce the working time. 3. Sometimes because of work needs, the indoor LED display has to be switched on and off many times. At this time, it should be noted that every time the display is switched on and off, a time interval of several minutes must be guaranteed, because the power is frequently switched on and off in a short time. There is a risk of burning out the display diode during operation. 4. If the power switch of the indoor LED display screen is tripped during operation, turn off the screen before checking. In addition, do not open the display under a pure white screen, because the strong current will cause an instant impact on the display. As long as you pay more attention to the above points of indoor LED display use precautions, you can basically avoid problems like screen defects. If you encounter other uncommon technical failures or problems during specific use, you should contact the LED display provider in time. Reputable indoor LED display suppliers generally have professional technicians and seek their professional support. It helps to find the cause and solve the problem faster.
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