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Manufacturing method of mutual capacitance touch screen

by:Toponetech     2021-11-05
How is the mutual capacitance touch screen made? The present invention discloses a mutual-capacitive touch screen. The touch screen includes a flexible circuit board, a touch chip, and a plurality of sensing units arranged in an array. The sensing units in each row are connected in series to form a row unit, and the row unit The number of rows is an even number N greater than 2. The row unit of the nth row is connected to the flexible circuit board through the same scan line after being connected in parallel with the row unit of the n+N/2th row, and n is a positive integer and Not greater than N/2, the sensing units in each column are connected in series and connected to the flexible circuit board, and the sensing units are electrically connected to the touch chip through the flexible circuit board. The sensing units of different row units are connected in parallel with each other and are connected to the flexible circuit board through the common lead, that is, the flexible circuit board can be connected to multiple row units at the same time through the common lead, which reduces the number of leads and saves the frame space of the touch screen. Narrow frame design, and both can scan at the same time, improve scanning efficiency. Touch screen (TP, touchpanel) is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as touches or fingers. When the operator touches the graphic buttons on the screen, the tactile feedback system on the screen can be driven according to a pre-programmed program Various connecting devices can be used to replace mechanical button panels, and use liquid crystal display screens to create dynamic audio-visual effects. The mutual capacitance touch screen is made of indium tin oxide (ITO, Indium tin oxide) material on the surface of the glass panel to make horizontal electrodes and vertical electrodes. The two sets of electrodes will form a capacitance at the intersection of the two sets of electrodes. During touch detection, the mutual capacitance screens are horizontally in turn. With the vertical electrode, the horizontal coordinate and the vertical coordinate are determined according to the change of the capacitance before and after the touch, and then the touch coordinate of the plane is formed. In the prior art, the sensing module of a mutual capacitance touch screen is composed of a plurality of identical arrays of sensing units, and the transmitting ends at both ends of the sensing unit in each row need to be connected to the flexible circuit board with separate leads, resulting in both sides of the touch screen. Excessive leads occupy a lot of layout space of the frame, which reduces the flexibility of the touch screen structure design, which is not conducive to the design and use of narrow frame panels; and the scanning efficiency of the progressive scanning sensor unit is low, consumes more time, and takes up pixel charging time . Reprinted from X Technology Network
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