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Manufacturer of industrial tablet human-machine interface, know whether clear

by:Toponetech     2020-09-01
Manufacturer of industrial tablet human-machine interface, understanding is clear now high aging, high speed development of era, manufacturers of industrial tablets: satisfy the demand of the man-machine interface configuration software interface is very clear, convinced that part of the vendor and purchaser cognitive should have not been very clear, the man-machine interface is usually applied to food, automatic testing equipment and medical equipment, etc. The crown teck we discuss with you: 1. Automatic test equipment industry tablet is actually need high-resolution screen; Touch control, high test precision, stable running, has a strong technical support; Basic consistent with equipment tablet; Waterproof and dustproof box should industry; Support multiple serial port. This believe everybody when use is need to understand the basic. 2. Automatic detection bottles through the positioning sensors, arrive to the bottles, bottles through the control unit records identification number, record the current encoder signal. Inform the camera positioning sensor to collect the current bottles images. After the completion of the pictures, by the image processor on the image processing, image processor pass the processing result on the one hand to dynamically display interface, on the other hand is passed to the test control unit, analyze the data. 3. Data input and display; System or equipment operating status of real-time information display; Can be set in HMI touch controls the HMI as the operation panel to control the operation; Alarm processing and printing; In addition, a new generation of automatic detection equipment industry also has a simple programming, man-machine interface to input data, the intelligent control function such as data entry and formula. Today and you learn so much, want to learn more, please pay attention to the crown teck's official website
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